Day 146 – Living Commitments – Day 17 of 21 Thought are NOT real!!

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see and realize that thoughts are not real as the physical shows that when I am thirsty, there is no need for any thought to motivate me to go and drink – it is a simple physical movements of self that will take me to some place where I can drink, and thus through this physical fact of the body needs water, I will in my need for water find Physical ways to get water for myself as a means of being practical in and as the physical and that doing this has no need for any thought, and thus I will through this basic need learn, in and as the physical to be expressive such as finding physical ways to transport water or get water to my home where I can drink water when I am thirsty and that if I have a family to provide with water that I will find Physical practical ways to get water to my family/community as it is a fact of life and a basic need for ALL, and that I do not decide this for anyone through the mind as thoughts/thinking/feelings/emotions as it is already decided though and as the physical that all need water, thus I realize thoughts are only created through past memories as experiences that I had in relation to such a physical fact as needing water and where there was no water to drink and the body responded to the thirst and I created a memory of such event that I made an experience of and thus connected emotions such as fear of not getting water and dying of thirst, and through this I have now instead of moving myself as breathe as the physical to remain practical in getting water to drink, I have now within this fear, started to move myself to get water which is a experience based motivation as an emotional experience (negative) which leads to me becoming “irrational” in finding water and storing water only for myself and keeping water that is here for all equally only for myself and away from the animals/plants/fish and other humans in the fear of being thirsty and dying of thirst, seeing and realizing that this is how people within the current money system have been motivated through physical events that occured in their lives that led to memory creation that had certain emotional experiences attached to them. and these emotions became the motivation points of moving self in fear and thus manifesting and creating that which you fear as we can see the available drinking watr in the world is becoming less and less and thus some have and some do not because thoughts were followed instead of Physical practical points one and equal as all that is here where all equally need water and that no thought needs to decide that as it is a fact. Really simple.

Thus it is best for all LIFE if all have fresh drinking water – and no man has to decide this, everyone one arth can do the simple basic math that all need water and then through the math you will see how we are supposed to live so that all have water equally which means changing the whole monetary system that is existence here currently and the way we are living and WHO we are as Beings need to change in fact, so that all can have water.

And thus we have created a Website Equal that is where we are doing the math that is here – it isn’t math we are making up, it is math evident in LIFE as how all LIFE must function together as one living being to function effectively and not have consequences of abuse and destruction and creating hell on earth for all. And on the equal money system forums/Wiki we are applying the math and seeing what and how we can correct it all with what is here currently as a starter (capitalism) and then once equal money system is in place on how we can Effectively in ALL areas of LIFE apply the math of life so that we can live in oneness and equality as LIFE where we live in such a way that live on earth can continue for eternity – only once the math is applied correctly can life continue for eternity and that will be able to be seen in the math and if the math is correct or not.

Thus we must return to breathe and to this one Dimension we ALL share all the time as EARTH and to focus on this one dimension that we all can in fact confirm is here and that is real as we all can touch it and see it, and smell it and hear it, and where we all share the same breathe.

Time to return to breathe of LIFE.

To be continued with Self Forgiveness.

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