Day 406 – Justification Part 1

From Vocabulary.comThe Dictionary

“Close in meaning to an explanation, a justification is specifically for defending or explaining an event. The idea that he was just trying to scare his little sister was a pretty weak justification for the elaborate gag.

Like its close cousin "justice," justification is derived from the Latin justificare, which means "to make right." When you offer a justification, you're trying to make something right—or, perhaps, even just. The notion that animals don't have emotions is one of the key justifications for allowing them to suffer. For many people, though, the fact that they suffer is justification enough to prevent it.

My writing. 

I like this dictionary definition that I have found here; it really shows how justification in itself is really just a Fiction.

Who the fuck knows, they red it from a book? if animals have emotions or feeling or not, and why the fuck is that important if they get abused or not – that’s like really sick, the way humans think, and I guess that is why we need a word called – Justification, we need fiction in our heads to make sense for us what the fuck is happening and what we are doing and accepting and allowing, because we know its Sick – most of the things is sick, the rest is really stupidity and irresponsible shit that we have justifications for.

I am using the animal point to show how we use the word Justification, how it isn’t justifiable at all based on the reasons and theories and Beliefs, it’s all Fiction, mad(e) up in our heads, so it can never be valid, so it is best for ALL life that we instead live by a principal, a principal of always doing what it best for all life, that way we never need justification, we never need to justify our actions, because once equality and oneness is understood as that which guides the universe in fact – then the principal of doing what best for all life in all ways can be lived because it will be in alignment with that which guides the universe as oneness and equality.

Ok so Justification within sounding the word I hear – Just a Fiction, which is really simple, every time I use a Justification I can see the fiction in my head that I am making up and spilling out just to protect my own behind and to get away with NOT being self-responsible and responsible, the difference is self-responsibility is when I take full responsibility for what is going on within me and that I am the one accepting and allowing what’s happening within me, and thus I can never Judge/Blame etc and move myself to correction within self-forgiveness to re align my relationships within all things that is here to live that which is best for all within consideration of all that is here. 

Responsibility is when I wash my hands every time I made them dirty, because I understand the consequences of NOT doing that and all the possible outcomes for not being responsible, because it can and will affect all those around me within my direct environment, which goes hand in hand with self-responsibility because why would I not wash my hands, because within me I haven’t taken self-responsibility for a point such as self-respect, not respecting myself leads to me not being considerate of myself and not caring and thus it leads to thing such as Not washing my hands and thus Not respecting anyone else either. 

So Justification comes in – when I have my Dinner and as I am eating someone else at the table asks, did you wash your hands? Because there seems to be horse poo on your hands from when you were at the stables two hours ago, then I will see and realize Fuck this can be a problem, horse poo with all that unknown stuff in it that I take my food with into my mouth and I can get sick and I can affect everyone else and give a virus even to all that is here through my current actions, and thus I will instead quickly create a Fiction within my mind of why I did not wash my hands and play that Justification and tell the other person – yes after horses I had to go there and do that and then I got tired and forgot, I will quickly wash my hands, which was all a lie, I just fed the other person a Fictional story that seems to fucking valid, because how will he know the truth? 

So then I go wash my hands quickly, BUT because I saw how easy it was to make up a fictional story and feed to the other person as my Justification – I will instead Not take self-responsibility for myself and responsibility for my action an external world, because the justification was so easy I can just do that every-time, till one day it’s too late and I die from Ecoli Virus. And spread ti to many other people. 

Then I will die as just a fiction (justification), The end.

To be Continued.

Day 405 – Sex Part 3

Day 403 - SEX part 1
Day 404 - SEX Part 2

to make sure you have no reaction to the word sex, you must be able to say sex and there must be nothing moving, otherwise you will be a good target for the system to fuck with you.



I commit myself to when and as I hear the word sex to breathe, to not go into any energetic reaction as good or bad or to judge ot to go into the Imagination, Instead I breathe and I remain here within what is real, Sex is a word, a word referring to a action performed by two beings within intimacy (into me I see) and nothing more as the mind has made it through Ideas/Beliefs/opinions. 

When and as I see that I am connecting MORE things to the word sex such as Opinions/beliefs/ideas, I stop and I breathe, seeing and realizing that this is all programmed into me from family/school/friends/culture/religion/society of which none is based on actual reality and all from made up Ideas/opinions/beliefs that are from fear/control/power.

When and as I see the WORD Sex and anything comes up within me towards/in relation to the word sex, I stop and I breathe, seeing and realizing that when and as I hear/see the word SEX and that there is anything coming up within me, that this is a possession, a spirit of mind taking me over, that is not real but an energetic charge that I have connected to the word SEX, which means I am controlled and brainwashed, I am accepting and allowing myself to be Influenced by this word, seeing and realizing that as long as I accept and allow to be influenced by the word SEX that I can be manipulated/controlled and be redirected by any form of advertisement/consumer propaganda or agenda, as all that someone/something else has to do is present the word sex and my preprogramming that I have defined the word sex with will impulse me and thus direct me.

When and as I see that I react to the word SEX through hearing or reading it, I stop and I breathe – I commit myself to NOT follow or to react on the word through breathing and investigating the moment of why I reacted and to forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to condition myself with brainwashing that is from Beliefs/Opinions/Ideas created by a society of Zombies that make shit up to feel alive/more/special and to keep it real, reeling in reality so that I am here and focused on actual shit, as shit is real and no plastic rapping or chocolate sprinkles can change shit from being shit. 

I commit myself to when and as I see that I am in fear of using the word sex even when it is necessary, I stop, I breathe, as I see and realize that it is preprogramming that I have accepted and allowed within me to control me and to direct me to keep me enslaved within the mind as fear as opinions/beliefs/ideas instead of actual facts.

When and as I see myself connection a negative emotional energetic experience to the word SEX I stop and I breathe – I see and realize that I am connecting the negative emotional charge to the word SEX due to Past experiences in relation to the word SEX and that this is the present and thus  have a new moment to correct myself and to stop the enslavement of the past and move on, move forward within self-forgiveness of what I have accepted and allowed and to stop the creation of making sex bad/good and to keep it real as an act, a physical act between two beings that has agreed with one another to physically be intimate with one another to express/explore oneself with another. 

When and as I see others behave/act a certain way towards hearing or speaking the word sex as to how they have defined and mutilated the word within their heads/minds and created a warped definition of the word SEX within their mind from and as imagination/desire/fantasies which they were programmed with and brainwashed with from kids to adults through society through all means of media and forms of education/indoctrination , I stop and I breathe, I see and I realize that I have/am separating myself from others as what has been accepted and allowed within this world to exist, and that is what the cause of a shit load of abuse such as rape/molestation and violent crimes comes from/spawns from , and thus I Must take as them, as the characters  self-responsibility and stand one and equal as them as a correction and to present that correction to myself and to live it as myself first and to change and to as an example show the solution to the world and that it is possible to change and stop the abuse that we all do not like and yet call it human nature yet it is in fact just preprogrammed through teaching/learning, and that we are all equally responsible and can stop the excuses of its just our nature, when the evidence all around us show that it isn’t nature, as NO animals on earth does what the human does and they are nature, and our problem is just getting worse because our education system has always been fucked – showing and exposing that our education as our brainwashing/conditioning is actually where we create our human nature and thus human nature is something we create and accept and allow to BE so, not because it is so.

Day 404 - Word Sex Part 2

Read Day 403 – SEX Part 1 to get a complete over view of what is being continued here.
Looking at the sex educations/impression I got from my child hood years was as follow. I first heard/red the word and then came the reactions/meanings, so my first impression was within how the word was used or reacted towards, it is bad, it is dirty, it is not for children, it is secret, it is special, it is all these things except what it really is and it is something secret, it is something “kids” do not talk about or mention in front of adults as it is an Adult subject.

So what happens then is the Kids go to one another/each other and among the kids there are discussion, miss information based on what has been told/heard/red/seen depending on each child’s “life” there will be a particular influence from this subject. And here among the kids ALL these particular Ideas/opinions/beliefs come together and the kids make a very weird stew of what SEX means and what it is.

Then comes the point of – each one for himself, after these discussion the kids will be by themselves at many points in their life, and when kids are by themselves and can’t really go talk to an Adult or someone about what they just heard, it is kept in their heads/minds and there it becomes one self’s opinions/ideas/beliefs and so connect all this weird stuff to sex. Circling around in one’s mind.
All this is possible because there is a separation between Adults and Children, the adults became contaminated and they know they are contaminated and thus they want the kids to remain kids, stay away from such subjects as sex for as long as possible, and thus the kids are never to speak of sex, mention sex and the parents will never use that word in front of the kids deliberately, maybe not even with each other/partners. 

This is all to show how the secrets begin and when shit is done in secret it becomes dangerous, look at the world, all the sickening things that is related to sex happens in secret, it cannot happen in public, because in public, or in the eye of everyone there will be witnesses and there will be consequences, and it won’t be possible because I know when I have to see shit like that in public happening or about to happen, I will stop it, I will intervene and make sure the person goes away to a correctional facility and only once proven corrected will such a being return to public, and all will know who this person is and he will have to live self-forgiveness.

I am not saying that sex must be done in public, I am saying, lets not create a secret mind about/in relation to sex as this is where the bullshit/abuse flows out from, let all be known to all about sex, NOT porn, sex, what it really is, a Physical action between partners – based on an agreement both made and all is aware of this agreement, so that we all know no one is fucking around – and thus sex is really simple from that perspective. 

Back to the main point - so here I am looking at the WORD sex, what have I connected to sex as a child, that first impression, that moment/memory that was pressed into me and thus defined sex for me, and then I accepted and allowed it to be so. This first moment that I can remember clearly was mentioned in the previous blog.

Self - forgiveness   

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see that the first time I heard and spoke the word sex there was nothing connected to it but the curiosity to know/understand the word. and everyone’s behaviors/reactions towards the word, and thus what I then afterwards connected to the word sex is not real but all simply opinions/beliefs/ideas of and from other peoples mind’s and not based on real facts as to what sex is/mean.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect the word naughty as a definition of what sex is to the word sex through how I saw others talk/mention it as if it is naughty and must be kept quiet.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect the IDEA/belief that I must keep quite within using the word SEX as it might get me in trouble and thus only use it around those that I know can’t get me in trouble, such as friends or in secret.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect the experience of “getting in trouble” to the word sex when and as it is spoken out by a child and the adults may hear.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a curiosity towards the word sex and thus what sex is in the end, through how I saw others talk/mention the word sex, thus energetically being influenced by others.

I forgive myself that I have NOT accepted and allowed myself to see that when I spoke out the word SEX for the first time without having a clue what it yet means that there was nothing attached to it, it was just a word that still needed to be defined and thus the word sex is not wrong but what we as humans connect to it as our thoughts as Ideas/opinions/beliefs.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into Fear when and as I said the word sex out loud and all the other kids/people around me shouted shut up don’t say that so loud, the teacher will hear you, not even knowing what I had to fear yet, but just that it was something to fear and that there will be authorities involved that will punish me for this.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect a fearful energetic experience towards the word sex.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect a emotional energetic charge towards the word sex of it being bad.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take what others have shown me as their behaviors and sounds towards and within the word sex and made it my own, believing that what others connect within a word must be what the word stands for/mean or imply.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear speaking and using the word as a normal word as all words to speak as a reference to something in public or in front of others believing that it will and might trigger a opinions/belief/idea and thus a reaction within them that might cause conflict, seeing and realizing that this is simply my reactions as my beliefs/ideas/opinions that I have created in relation to the word sex from past experiences/influences that I am projection onto others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to ban the word sex from my word usage and thus always avoid any such topics that might come us, as I have defined the word sex as sacred/secret and not a subject to bring up, as I will always feel I am a kid in relation to this word as I have defined this word when I was a kid.

To be continued.

Day 403 - SEX Part 1

SEX is a very very extreme point within this world and how sex in fact is a major factor within this world, and what decisions people make each day, if not in each moment towards a future outcome or current outcome. 

I remember as a teenager, my every move/decision was and came from the starting point of sex, since money wasn’t an issue back then as my parents took care of that for me while being in school etc, sex took over my life, meaning – I was hunting/scavenging and looking for opportunities and moments where there is a possibility of sex happening all the time. And that is how I remember ALL my friends; yes it includes girls as well that was my friends. 

So what am I writing about, I am writing about the WORD SEX – because the word sex has all these meanings attached to it  from all those past memories and experiences and influences from family/school/friends/society.

Then there are even more and bigger causes to the problem we are facing today with SEX, which is culture and religion and family values that are all based on Ideas/beliefs/opinions and not on facts, where for instance the child will be taught that SEX can only happen after marriage, or weird shit like sex is dangerous with lots of stories and bullshit to back that up, or then there is the preserving your virginity thing that is imprinted into all males and females from the people that has gone before them, because of mistakes they have made, already implying we will make the same mistakes and thus we are the mistakes. 

And there are more of this going around all around – I remember the first time I ever heard the word sex and saw the word sex – I was eleven, our school class  went on a trip to a fun park in a bus we hired. As we all were sitting in the bus and talking and playing and just being kids, I heard some kids laughing, they then turned around and said hey guys, to the guys sitting behind me, look at this, they pointed at the back of one of the seats and said – it says SEX, and they all giggled, I looked at it and I was like, mmm what does that mean, so I asked out loud to the kids at the front, WHAT DOES SEX MEAN – almost everyone in the buss looked at me and said sssss almost immediately, the teacher stood up and said, BE QUITE, my friend next to me then said, Gian don’t you know what that means? I said NO, what does it mean, he said, sex is how babies are made, but it is also when a Male’s thing is put into a females thing and they go up and down. 

I was – ok so that’s it, he said yes, that is it, then we had conversations about it and what his cousins told him etc etc, and since that day I had the impression I can never say the word SEX, and if I do it must be in secret, and that it must be a secret thing, and that I can get into a lot of trouble talking about it. 

That is an example of what’s existent within cultures in relation to the word Sex and thus the act of sex and what has been placed onto sex by an entire society. 

When I see/sound the word Sex I hear– SEE  X – seeing the unknown, and this basically makes sense to me looking back into my past – SEX was this ONE thing that was Unknown. Educations did not teach me properly – the educations in general left out way to many gaps for anything else to take its place as Imagination and creating alternate realities about SEX. making shit up.

From what I have learned in school in math class is that X represented the unknown, anything can replace X, X is just a place holder – yes there is a math that tells us what the X will be or must be replaced by or to where the X must be moved, YET if your math isn’t good, then making mistakes with this X is eXtemely easy and will lead to consequences. In this case the Math which is taught by those that has gone before us and basically the whole educational system from home to school is… maybe there is no education. And we are just parroting shit. And thus teaching is nothing real about sex, just the basic shit and leaving everything else up to the imagination.

So here comes the purpose of finding the Unknown and what is there, why is it the unknown, why is it called private parts, why are those parts always covered, see this is like a perfect set up for anyone to make money on this point of not being educated, create pron, it exposed everything, it reveals the X (unknown) and it addddddddsssss a lot of Bullshit that fucks with everyone that watches it. 

Till here for now

To be continued.

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