Day 550 - The deception within spirit science posts Part 1

This blog is to start showing the deception within spirit science posts and Guidepost of light posts and name them all, you have seen them going around the internet, being shared and liked and easily being agreed to, and what is being promoted, for today’s blog I will take this picture above which says ‘ Sometimes, it feels better not to talk. At all. About anything. To anyone – it uses just the right word, “sometimes” which is already a mind justification, which means a person that see this post on Facebook will probably now trust what Spirit science has posted as true, because they could agree with it according to how they feel/felt, and thus a person that has now agreed to it, will now subconsciously implement such behavior into their life, and it will be implemented in such a way where it fits the persons self-interest best, and not the best interest of all, because no one understand how the mind works, so it’s a big problem to promote “thinking” to the human race while not understanding how thinking works and how people respond to this. 

And then it uses the word “Feels” – to manipulate people to agree, because everyone “feels” and we are subject to words and how they make us feel in moments, so with sometimes and Feel, the post created a feeling within the viewer, and thus making the viewer believe it is their choice to agree to this post, avoiding common sense and self-honesty completely, the post give NO point of understanding, which shows it is literally feeding of the viewer’s emotional body as the mind consciousness systems – but what the person agrees to comes after the feeling has already been created, and that is – not to talk. At all. About anything. To anyone – thus a point of separation, distancing from others have been created, which is a good point in the minds of people, because we have such conflictual relationships with ourselves and thus communicating with others it isn’t the best thing most of the time, it is better to avoid and to remain the same, to not face reality and most of all the reality of ourselves, thus actually prolonging this process of changing the world, starting with ourselves.

And the fact that this post is so short and yet so effective is because it is running on opinions, believes and ideas, and not based on actual common sense, which again shows how easy it is to catch people in the web of CONsciousness and to keep them where they are, making something sound good is a bonus.

Why does such a simple and short saying with a picture get almost 7000 likes and about 21 500 shares?

Because it confirms one thing, it is in support of the mind, there is NO common sense presented and NO self-honesty within such a saying, it is feeding off how people are “feeling” and thus only confirming such feelings to be valid, thus leaving people to be slaves to how they feel, as a creation of the mind consciousness system. No self-movement, no principles that one stand by and that one base decisions and actions upon, just moods and feelings/emotions that is being validated and lived by.

Let me go a bit deeper – for those that are walking with Desteni you will understand what I am saying, for those that are not, here is a bit more perspective and common sense and to be Honest with oneself, which means, when we experience something and we express that experience, that feeling/emotion or thought, we are being honest. Self-honesty is to be aware of self as the Universe as LIFE here, considering all life, and thus within this point realize that one is in fact one and equal to all life and thus responsible in fact for what exist here as life currently as OUR creation, and that thoughts/feelings and emotions aren’t who we really are, because, where do they come from? And that the world as it exist now is a direct result of who we are right now, existing as consciousness, as thoughts, feelings and emotions – and thus the problem is what we each individually exist as right now, which is consciousness and thus the thoughts, feelings and emotions are the problem, because we are following these things inside of us with NO understanding or clue where they come from, how they are created and why, and we have NO clue what the consequences will be in the long run in all possible play outs through simply following what we experience within us as thoughts/feelings and emotions.

So if one gets that, then it should be clear why spirit science isn’t presenting any common sense or self-honesty, it is simply stimulating consciousness, it is propelling consciousness as thoughts/feelings and emotions, keeping people right where they are and not promoting actual change. And how do you know it isn’t promoting a solution, because it sounds dame good, in a world that is fucked up, in a world that is dying, it isn’t showing the truth, it isn’t revealing reality as it is right now for earth as a whole, it is targeting the elite of the world, those that can agree with them without having to do any effort, it is a convenient truth, which shows it’s a problem already.

The world needs a reality check, the world needs common sense, self-honesty and people that walk by principles that is best for all life, the world needs people that are putting effort into questioning everything and keeping what is Best for all LIFE and standing by that, people with integrity and determination to change themselves first and the world, people that are daily in each breath focusing on educating themselves and learning how the mind works, how is it that we are ticking the way we are, and to change that, to stop the organic robot and rebirth self as LIFE, the earth needs humans that put aside time every day to speak and write and to stand together with all those that is doing the same, with these people coming together as normal citizens and rising above and about for LIFE, creating a world that is best for all, not people just liking and sharing positive messages and sounding positive, how is that helping anyone when the reality of what is here is ignored through good sounding post/blogs/videos.

This group already exist, it is Detseni and I am a Destonian, Join us and walk the truth of what is HERE, that which has been denial for far too long and time is running out.

Day 549 – Mother

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold onto the Mother construct within me as me being a child that belongs to another person, seeing and realizing that this mother construct within me and wanting to hold onto the idea that I belong to another person is keeping me form being my own person. 

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that my mother is more special than any other mothers in this world, and thus within this believe praise my mother and make me “special” and more than other children, creating and continuing the inequality within this world as ego and self-interest.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear letting go of the mother construct within me as I fear that I will lose something of myself, seeing and realizing that I cannot possibly lose my mother unless I have self-interest points invested within her that only serves me and my will as the ego.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see and realize that the love a mother and a child proclaim for one another ha got nothing to do with one another within this world as it is purely self-interest driven for survival and money in a world where fear drives everything, and as one can see within placing oneself within a perfect world where all is equally taken care of and has a guaranteed life of dignity on this planet that mothers and fathers and children will suddenly have no worries of fears of letting go of each other and living their own lives.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deceive myself within making myself believe that a mothers love for a child has to be an emotional one, where the mother and child can manipulate each other and make sure each one is surviving in this world by leaching off one another, through using a secret system of debt, where the mother gave everything and now later on the child owns the mother everything, seeing and realizing that such emotional relationships is a disease of the current world system that forces people to be leaches for the sake of survival.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not forgive my mother in her innocence in the sense that this world makes no sense and to within such a world create relationships of nonsense that isn’t best for all in common sense.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that for me to take on and stand within this world that I require to keep such relationships on the emotional level with my parents for the sake of a safety net, seeing and realizing that keeping such a safety net is simply holding me back as there is a back door, knowing that if I keep an emotional relationship with my mother that she will still benefit from me as being her son as I am feeding her some sort of energy and thus she will at any time catch me when I fall, thus already creating the fall, yet seeing and realizing that a clear physical communication relationship within common sense can be established and kept, as such a relationship will be equal and one to all other relationships that is best for all life, and to stop the mind games once and for all and for each one to face themselves sooner than later till it is too late and we have sucked the life out of life and no one stood up for life as reality was/is still being kept in a veil for survival.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see and realize the facts/truth of what is here, we all die and after death no one is someone’s family or friends and that we are all one and equal and thus must already be walked this life and to not have to face the shame and regret in the afterlife for only protecting and keeping save one’s own “blood” and disregarding all other life as your entire family, on your home planet called earth, just for some emotional relationships that is kept in place for self-interest and to survive till death.

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