Day 470 – Meeting new people Part 1

I have met dozens of families in the past few months, within this time and within meeting all these new and different people, I have noticed a very interesting point within myself.

When I meet new people they are literally new to me, they have never seen me or hear of me or have any idea about who I am. Yet when I meet these new people I am presenting my “old” self to them.

The interesting point is that within me meeting so many people that does not know me yet, I have the opportunity in each and every meeting to change myself, to be my better self, to be who I can be.

They do not have a preconceived judgment or idea about me, unlike everyone that already knows me and see me through a preconceived idea/belief/judgment – which is created through me and how I present myself and my presence and how I carry that with me in each and every moment – which is my own acceptance and allowance.

So why with so many opportunities with so many new people do I accept and allow myself to present and stand within and as myself as who I am as the lesser me, as my own judgments and ideas and beliefs, when I in fact have NOTHING within these new opportunities that tell me I must keep these judgments and beliefs and ideas about myself, the people I am meeting have no way of knowing how I have judged myself yet or not and keeping me to it.

Interesting that I mention “others keeping me to it” – I have this “feeling” that when I am around people that do know me that I have to be a certain me, that I must live within a certain presence around these people that they accept and allow, the person that they know, no matter how self-sabotaging it is or if it is a lesser me so to say, I always do it for the sake of being accepted and allowed to LIVE lol, yet it is clearly me acceptance and allowance as I am deliberately doing it knowing the game or the face I have on or am playing.

So now I take this with me when I meet new people, instead of using it as an opportunity to be myself.

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