What does Christmas mean to me as a Destonian - Day 545

To most people in the world Christmas is a day or a couple of days of celebrating the Birth of Jesus, or just for Santa Clause, or just for festive seasons, where families come together and they present presents to one another to open up and feel blessed – months before Christmas, all the people in the world with money went out and spend a lot of their money on these presents, and decorations and so much more to express themselves and how blessed they feel, or are, towards the people in their lives, but of course in the name of Jesus, or Santa Clause or just for a Because reason.

So Christmas to most people in the world is a fantastic time, it offers some time off from the system, the system that we are enslaved to, where our money is always tight, or we have money but no time to spend it, and of course it offers time to have fun, to be with our families and to just have what we actually desire the world to be, a fun place, because fun is kind of deprived from everything else from the rest of the year, people take this advantage to just let it all out, to go wild, to go nuts, to indulge in the festive seasons and to enjoy being distracted from the system that is keeping us so tight all the time.

We can say that Christmas and the participation in the whole Christmas thing and how people take it on and participate within it is evidence that most of humanity do not really enjoy the current system we are all accepting and allowing to live in, because of the extreme way that people participate within it – but that is the whole point of events like Christmas as designed by the system, to give people that release of all the stress and anxiety and fears and everything that the system is a cause and effect of, so that the people can continue next year, the following year the same way as before and just keep it going.

So Christmas isn’t Bad or Good from a Destonians stance, as a Destonian we make sure we do not create any illusions about the event and to be controlled and enslaved by such events to just continue the following year the same way, to just remain in the illusion that there is apparently “good” in life just because, look Christmas is ahead, or Easter, or Halloween, to not justify LIFE as it is here in fact, in the day to day living of life within all walks of life, which is mostly bad all the time, such as poverty does not end due to Christmas, nor war or famine, or droughts and environmental disasters caused by the humans industrial systems that isn’t in harmony with life as nature and the animals.

Because in the current system as it exist, even Destonians are still here and part of this world till we have multiplied and changed things, we take part in Christmas from a practical perspective, it is time off, it is time to have with the kids and family and to have a few days to slow down and reevaluate and to realign directions and priorities, and to perhaps speak with family members about the state of the world and getting some common sense and common ground between one another. We see Christmas within what is here currently as the world as an opportunity to drive and stand and do what is best for all life, to not fall for the “illusions” of everything is okay, and happy, and that it is going to be this way forever, but instead to strengthen the physical relationships and bring them all back to reality through coming together, through talking, to sharing and so on.

As Destonians we change Who we are within it all, and thus who we are determines what we do, standing in others shoes, caring and sharing the real things, because if Christmas was all about Jesus as it started out as in the beginning, then we can all ask what would Jesus have done? He would definitely not have celebrated his own birth, he would have condemned us all for even living in a capitalist system, never mind allowing children to die of starvation, Jesus would have probably grabbed a whip and beat the shit out of everyone and throw tables over and smite us down. I mean just look at the whole Santa Clause symbolism in the words that was created for Christmas, it is Satan Claws, to obvious. The opposite of what Jesus would have done, Satan’s got his claws in us all, trapping us from actually living as Jesus did, indulging in capitalism in Jesus name, how sick is that, it is dishonoring Jesus and his message and what he lived. Destonians will not do this because that is still also just form an assumption, plus we do not live in the same time as what Jesus lived, but do onto another as you would like to be done onto refers to the world as a whole, love thy neighbor as thy self refers to the world, give as you would like to receive refers to the world, we have taken it to only our own families, Jesus said to follow him you must leave your family behind, as that is the only way, now not literally, but inside yourself the world MUST be your family in fact.

So Christmas to me as a Destonian does not “mean” anything in terms of a feeling/emotions or self-definition, or about some religion or buying presents and spending money, or a release, or to escape the system, it is a day of the year, or a season/holiday that by the system has been placed as “not having to work” and thus you have off time, and we use this off time to practically and physically participate in our reality, because we realize not everyone is a Destonian Yet, most people around us is still in the system and of the system and thus we must walk one and equal with what is here, but who we are within it all is where the change starts, we can enjoy this time, we will have fun in this time, because it is so nice when humans do come together and actually interact and learn and share one another, which does not and cannot be possible in a system that drives us to only die after only surviving and keeping us far apart from each other.

Over all, Christmas is Bullshit, and we must create a world that is Best for all, and thus a Christmas will not be necessary, as giving as you would like to receive will be a consistent way of life, every day will be a present, everyone will be your family, love and care will be visible in our daily living as a whole.

As a side note: Before I stood as a Destonian, me and my family gave up Christmas and haven’t had any Christmas for the past 10 years almost, but instead we all just come together and are together, no presents, no decorations, nothing. And this in itself is and can be fun.

Day 445 – I just cannot change, Part 1

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live and breathe the believe that I just can not change, instead of seeing and realizing that it is just a believe and not real in fact, and that the only way I can see for real and in fact if I can change is to for real and in fact change in and as the physical.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see and realize that the excuse of “I just cannot change” is exactly that, an excuse backed up by a secret desire to not wanting to change.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to change as I am holding onto secret wants/desires that is of the mind that I do not want to give up, where I know that if I actually take the first step that these secret mind wants/desires cannot exist as the changed me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to set in stone the believe of” I cannot change” without ever testing out if I can change for real through actual practical real change within my daily life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not want to change as I want to “remember” ME, as I have identified myself as memories and thus do not see a real me that does not exist as memories existing outside of the real of the mind as memories/thoughts/feelings/emotions, thus fearing the unknown, knowing that if I take the steps to real change into the unknown that I will change, thus the unknown isn’t that unknown, as it is known that one will change and not be the same.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold onto the me that I know as the mind within attempting to change who I am as that which is LIFE as the universe as me in reverse.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear who I will be if I change, yet not considering that I change myself within the principles of what is best for all life, as that which is one and equal within and as the universal principles of how everything work and thus taking my status as a co-creator, and thus I know the change will be what is best for all life as long as I cross reference myself in the physical and not through the mind to see my living and not my thinking.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear who and how I will be without thought, where thoughts have been my god within my mind guiding me all my life, since I could remember, showing that before I could remember I was functioning perfectly well without thoughts.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see and realize that who I now exist as the mind and as a physical consequence within my behaviors and patterns has become a comfort for me within my life and thus even though I am pushing to change a part of me does not want to change as that part is of the mind and wants to remain in comfort, no matter how abusive or against me these patterns and behaviors are, as they support the mind as energy which is like a drug addict that can’t quit, thus I am stuck in the addiction of the mind patterns that is controlling my life and within this believe that I am unable to change, yet not realizing that just like a drug addict I must take a physical step in change and that it will not be what I want yet it will be best for me and everyone else.

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