Knowing versus doing - how did Jesus and Bernard do it? my Desteni Process

I am looking at my process and standing by principle, standing as the principle, embodying the principles I stand by and walk as in its totality as who I am, in all ways. 

This has been a process for many years now, and it hasn’t been an easy process at all, this I know, yet I am here. Everyday feels like I am just not yet living my principles absolutely, in totality, like there is still something missing, and I know this one thing is me Breathing effectively and walking my process and the tools absolutely, and not as something to do in pass time. 

Within many years that I have walked my process I have come across many people that stands against what I stand for, that fights, that harass, that taunts, teases and ridicules and even become nasty and spiteful towards me and the group I walk with. 

I still react and take it personal when I pick up someone is being aggressive, spiteful or even plain nasty in demeaning ways towards Desteni and the message, making comments and options based on their ideas, believes and most of all fear. 

This brought me to the question of how the fuck did Jesus do it? 

Let me take what I am looking at to a bit more of a visual point. Sure, Jesus existed in a much different time than we do, but it makes it all more real, more challenging for what he did. 

Today I can sit in front of my PC and I can reach dozens of people with a message, I can do this over and over and reach thousands, in return this message brings feedback, which is resistances and conflicts, and people actually getting it, seeing it and walking with, in Jesus time, he had to actually walk in the streets talking to real people real time, he had to actually face REAL time feedback on a consistent basis, this would be the same things as today people not agreeing, not seeing or being challenged and getting possessed by the new information and wanting to attack and harm for example, today all of this happens online. 

Yet, I find myself being put back and in a sort of a negative state each time someone is going on a killing spree with their words and intentions in relation to the group/Desteni and thus all those that walk with and so me. 

Jesus got crucified for the EXACT same message as what we at Desteni is promoting, only way more practical and real, plus we go beyond the Jesus message and into the history of mankind, which involves aliens and dimensional beings and Desteni having a Portal, talking about the afterlife, animal communication and I mean explaining a LOT in details, so that we can understand creation, ourselves and eventually walk as creators = as Jesus did, and within this we present tools, re-education and support within all of this. Nothing is going to be spoon fed or remotely being forced onto anyone, it is as the bible says, those with ears here, those with eyes see, simple and direct. 

Now, back to my point – I get what is different and standing out with Desteni from most of what “normal” people are used to, and then I also get that at the basis of everything it is the principle, the process, the message that matters, which brings us back to that of Jesus. 

Love thy neighbour as thy self
Give as you would like to receive
Do onto another as you would like to be done onto

Manifesting those as ourselves first and foremost and then economically setting the world up where those principles are the guidelines of society to always live what is best for all LIFE. 

Let’s go to a more recent example of the message, which is Bernard Poolman, and take a look at what society has done to him in terms of image and likeness, what he spoke and what he brought forward was taken and turned into all kinds of shit, personal attacks by newspapers and by many online trolls were demeaning and belittling, just like Jesus. 

Ok, so Jesus was abused even further and made into a religion, so yes that’s even worse, I mean it goes against EVERYTHING Jesus stood for and said and lived as an example, it is the ultimate way of killing a message, by creating a god and religion out of the message that is that of equality for all, to create heaven on earth, and now it is out of reach for all and lived in imaginary worlds as some place after death with some god like figure waiting for people, which isn’t what Jesus stood for or said. 

I see and realize that Jesus stood as a Principle absolutely, he stood steadfast in reality, in facts, in what is best for all, and he thus did not take anything personal, nothing was personal, because he did not stand as something personal, he stood as LIFE, and thus whatever came his way as “attacks” as the actions or words of others had no place to find comfort and rest, as the personal didn’t exist, Life existed and thus there is only space and place for life. 

How did Jesus get to this point? How did Bernard get to this Point? And why am I not at this point yet? Do I have to first face each and every point of “personal” within me to understand them and to know them as myself, as it is said, know thy self, now I know there are two selves, me as personality and me as Life (yes both are me, all is who I am, yet in the knowing I must stand and live what is best for all and bring that forth, so should I know me as personality in all ways to then know me as Life? 

I have the tools, I have the way, I know this, yet knowledge without application is useless, so here is my self-honesty after writing out all of this, everything I just wrote is a justification, it is stalling, it is postponing, it is me apparently doing something, when I know in fact the moment I react, the moment I take something personal, the moment I am in a state that isn’t me as breath as LIFE, I must write in self-forgiveness instead of pondering on the point, instead of taking the point personal and holding onto it, I know, yet I do not apply.

So here I answer myself, how did Jesus and Bernard do it? They applied what they knew and did not postpone, they did not stall or wait, and they acted and applied the knowing as themselves and thus as living examples.

Day 6 - What stops me from cheating?


Before reading this blog – please, if you find any point you judge yourself on or comparing with me, do not do so, but if it comes up, rather at the end leave a comment, ask and discuss. This is but a Blog, not 9 years of specific details.

I have been in a Desteni Agreement for nine years now. I have not once cheated on my wife, I have not once even tried, or spoken to another women with the intention or the attraction to do so, even after Marriage, even after having a child and sex was very little for a very long time, and still is. So what is the secret? 

First, I have to inform you that it is in my programming to cheat, to have multiple girlfriends (women) in my life, this is what I did and used to do before I went into an agreement nine years ago.
The Sexual force was strong in me, and I followed it religiously. I enjoyed the game of getting girls, playing around, taking risks, and always being around lots of women, chatting up dozens of girls at a time, hook up with a few here and there and then see where I can score. 

Now, I must first and foremost make something very clear, the Desire comes up within me for wanting to go back into this every now and then, it is actually always here, I desire having more or multiple women in my life, but then how do I do it to not even once follow it, to not be led into temptation, not even in my words by accident, or in my behaviors towards or with other women, even when it is in my design/programming to do it so easily, without effort. 

I used to fall in love and be attracted to almost any women instantly after meeting them and I would have the same “love” feeling for all the women I ever met and came in contact with, I could never say to one I love you and not to the other as well, I always thought it was a disease that I was attracted to any women almost instantly, I could in a matter of minutes already see myself in a long term relationship with a girl I just met, and if this same girl brought a friend along, I would equally be the same towards her. I found it very annoying at times, especially that one has to choose and only go with one partner. 

The answer is simple and yet at the same time very difficult. The process was difficult as well to get to this point, in fact the first two years of being in the agreement with my partner the habits and patterns wanted to kick in and I wanted out of the agreement a few times through how I behaved and spoke, my thoughts and mind was all over the place. 

Yet, here I am.

First and foremost, It is all thanks to DESTENI and the message, the re-education of me with all the information that Desteni provides within understanding the MIND, what are thoughts, what are feelings and emotions, how do they work, and I must say the most important for me within all of this is that I understood that NO thought, feeling or emotion is EVER real unless we act on it, thus I always know that when a thought come sup, a feeling or emotion, it isn’t real unless I act on it, and thus I BREATHE and I let go of the thoughts, the feelings and emotions. 

Then, the agreement was extremely important that I had to understand what is an agreement – it is really simple, TWO people walking together this life yet individual their process of re-birthing themselves as life and to within this be physical support for one another, not emotional and mind support. 

Here is the catch, I had to actually have NO choice within this, as in do I want to do it or not, because once I understood why I am walking this process of Desteni for myself and thus with another being, there is no choice, there is no do I want to or not, there is simply BREATH and do this. 

Here are a few key points that I ground myself with, with having this design/programming and how I stand within discipline absolutely within this specific point. 

1.       No matter with what women I am in an agreement with, I will always be me, so no OTHER women will change me or make me experience me any different, and thus if I follow my programming I will always end up where I simply follow my programming again and again, and thus never change and actually face myself effectively to change.

2.       ALL humans are minds/programmes/designs – thus if I see a picture as the form of another women and I am attracted to that and go after that and base a relationship off of that, I will inevitably end up with again the programmes/design (thus nothing different) and they have to be faced, and thus cheating or dishonoring the agreement will only be me fucking myself up more and more and in the same process harm others and thus nothing will change.

3.       This one is more personal and based on who I am within an agreement with right now, thus this one can change for others if for example one person is abusive, physically or emotionally – If I cannot walk with the person I am within an agreement with now, then I cannot walk with anyone else equal and one, it is as simple as that, thus leaving my partner for a design/program will only be me deceiving myself on many levels. 

4.       Understanding and walking as that understanding daily that NO person is actually different except the form/image and thus the form image can and will change at any time and thus I will always end up facing the same regardless, either sooner or later. 

5.       Live what is best for all life – basic Desteni principle – this includes stopping ones thoughts, feelings and emotions, ones fantasies, imagination that is NOT within this reality and practical and not bets for all life, within the understanding that all of this was literally programmed into us, as we are organic robots designed and created by the Reptilian race (annunaki, yes you probably do not want to hear that, but it damn supported) as shared in detail by and through the Portal.

Ok, that is what I have to share for now in relation t this point, as I have now walked it for many years and I have proven through space and time that I STAND and that the Desteni tools in fact work if applied effectively, this obviously includes LOTS of self-forgiveness and self-writing on all the points that open up. 

Please feel free to ask questions, I have lots to share, don’t be shy. If you are married, if you have children, if you are having any issues – I can support within this, but consider, any advice is useless without application.

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