Day 430 - Is this Possible - Standing as all Characters Part 3

When and as I see myself separating myself from other characters that are here in this world as the humans through judgments, I stop I breathe and I stand stable within breathing and do not accept or allow any judgment within me that is of separation from another.

When and as I see myself accessing the “belief” or the automated pattern where I “belief” that I have to judge other people as their characters in a good/bad manner in order to feel save and to only protect my own self-interest – I STOP, I breathe, I see and realize that it is but only a Belief and a Pattern that I have automated to protect only my own self-interest, and that within this I am separating myself from the other being and thus creating “fear” within myself that is unnecessary and only sabotaging myself and the other person.

When and as I see that I am within the Pattern as the Behaviors and the thoughts/back-chat within me where I am attacking/judging another in a good or bad way just to protect my won fears/self-interest, I stop I breathe and I rather direct myself and what I give attention to, to myself and my breathing and me being here as the Physical in practicality and learning to know thyself as another.

When and as I see myself judging myself as the characters that I have accepted and allowed myself to become/exist as in a good/bad relationship just so that I can judge another characters/people to feel good/bad about myself as a way to fuel the energy that I am addicted to as the patterns that I have constructed for myself as endless cycles of doing the same thing over and over again just to have the same energy feelings/emotions just so that I can feel I am surviving and living and protecting myself as the patterns of separation that I have created for myself I stop and I breathe and I direct myself out of this endless cycle of self-abuse and “broken record” living, and to move myself to rather stop the separation within myself and to stand and walk in another’s shoes as my own and or walk my own shoes first to understand myself and how I created myself so that I can walk a solution and become the living example for myself as that which is best for all life in full understanding of all the mechanics that is here as creation as myself.

When and as I see myself being in judgment while helping or attempting to help another – I stop and I breathe, I realize the consequences of my actions as all actions and words I speak in the attempt of helping another person will be contaminated by my secret judgment and thus not be helping but rather creating problems, as I see and realize that I am helping another through seeing them and their situation as separate from myself and not standing in their shoes as them as myself in that moment and helping them as I would have helped myself in such a situation.

When and as I see that I am in fearsof another – thus fearsng standing in their shoes in fact in the moment in separation coming from a belief of that I am different and that I would not have done the same if I was that person – I stop and I breathe and I allow myself to really Talk or communicate with the other being or to be here in breathe listening unconditionally and to place myself in their shoes and to see for myself in fact if I were in their shoes what I would have done and how they have done what they are doing or did and to check myself the truth and to only then give an answer or direction to them as myself and not in separation as judgments that come from self-interested characters that’s only in it to protect themselves and their own energy sources from/as the mind.

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