Day 582 - That Block when you havent Blogged in a while - Response to MatterFreemans Blog post

Please read Matti Freeman's blog of which this blog is a response here -

Thank you Matti for this Blog, as I have had this Block for a while as well, and I know many others have this block as well, just no one ever pushes to unblock themselves, and I can see this for myself as myself.

Those that want to blog can not, those that has the time to blog simply does not - this is the world working in reverse, as those that has already taken their space and time within this reality to be active and live, to walk the talk, does not have the time to blog consistently, those that requires blogging to unblock themselves are not doing so because of the very point they need to walk to become active, to take responsibility, to become self-honest within themselves.

I haven't blogged in a while, even though I stand by very specific principles that I live and implement daily, the very reason I have this blog, and no other reason is for myself, to rebirth myself, to change myself, this blog is for ME as all life, yet there is no activity, there is no movement. perhaps every now and then. this raises question to reasons towards and of myself, no other. Perhaps because I saw it as ONLY being for me, I could simply toss it aside like it meant nothing, thus I never included all LIFE s me and making that me stance within writing, me as my journey as LIFE.

After reading Matti's Blog, I saw a few things, I wasn't blogging because I was being Lazy, or because I wasn't busy, I was in fact very busy - so busy with so many things that blogging didn't come up during my days very much. I would see others blog and I would read their blogs and I would share their blogs, but not all, and still share them within principle of spreading the message, the support and assistance.

So - what is the BLOCK as Matti described within his blog regarding blogging?

The block that I have found within myself isn't just one block point, there are many, my mind has made so many fears as reasons to why I am not blogging, or reasons as justification, my mind had made so much out of it that blogging is simply not an options, so how did this come to this?

See, the point of this Blogging within the 7 year Journey to Life is very specific, it is a BLOG that is public, or some set it to private depending on their work but yet allow others to see it, like being invited, see EVERYONE can blog, even if these blogs are just posted on the Desteni forums etc, there is always a way, there is No excuse. where these blogs can be under a different name even if public - as the point is UNIVERSAL process, as each person with Desteni walk their journey, their journey is very very specific, and this is within the understanding that there are 7 Billion people in this world that walk similar journeys, and thus through sharing and walking these journeys in public, others can find support and assistance within this current system we are all fucked within and move the world within support and assistance much faster through the beautiful thing called the internet, besides our daily living and activities in ONLY our current environments, which is extremely limited in comparison - I mean, how did I get to where I am? through the internet. and everyone else I now know with Desteni? through the internet. 

Thus living the principle of oneness and equality for all - through sharing, giving, supporting, assistance, reaching out to the world through our personal Journeys - this is a pretty awesome way, as our process/journeys being shared over the internet in support and assistance can prevent a lof of harm, to self and even others. Because we write our Blogs within principle, with the tools we have been using and implementing of self forgiveness, problem and solution, giving corrective statements to apply.

imagine a person is going through a mind possession and wants to stab someone, but instead finds a blog on the internet of someone else that walked the same point, and through this the person does not do this but instead take self responsibility, or at least reach out for support and assistance. the blog isn't limited to its possible reach, it isn't limited to ONLY the people a person knows within their current environment, it is actually considering everyone writing a blog.

So How did I lose first of all Myself and this simple point of living and walking blogging within principle of whats Best for all life? how did I come up with SOO many reasons and excuses and justification to NOT blog? how did I make and create such a "valid" limitation to blogging within my reality that it has become impossible and even accepted as a valid reason for all others that walk with me this journey? why has my brothers not been my keepers? have I deceived and manipulated myself so much that even they fell for it? the reason and excuse?

I have taken the time tonight to check myself to find the most Valid reasons for me to not do blogging in any way what so ever online, with considering my life and time/space, and there is none but only fears and excuses and seeking self-interest - I am the BLOCK in me blogging for the sake of self interest. does not matter if I was a rich man that had to protect my image and keep my blogging a secret from everyone I know, If I was seriously self honest and am, I would have and WILL find a way to stand as the point of walking my journey, sharing my journey and reaching others with my journey to move along this process we as Humanity is all walking to either create heaven on earth or to destroy t, and I know and see, that me not writing unconditionally and to FIND a way to keep writing no matter what my physical reality as survival is demanding of me to NOT do, because I am passionate about what I do and will even start an underground blogging society to make sure earth and life on earth is getting the support and assistance on how to live corrections, take self-responsibility, develop self-honesty and to live whats best for all life as that is exactly what ISN'T here on earth, so why would I stop blogging and Block myself? did my personal survival become independent from the survival of earth? and moving the earth process as each and every individual that is ME, then self-interest has surely conned me to make up my actions as beautiful pictures and ideas to justify my actions of why I am "focusing" now more on just my life and self-development, Blogging within principle is independent from that, a person WILL find a way to do so regardless. there are ways, and I found that I simply didn't care to find that way - this is because self-interest has got self interested in something else than LIFE.

I am grateful for Matti's Blog, it really gave me the moment to really check the points within myself. and I am finding scary shit of how the mind works and has worked me - such a simple point of blogging, taken for granted, of almost 100 7 YEARS Journey to Life Blogs that started out, but only about 20 remain active. I commit myself to check myself everyday on this point with Brutal self-honesty.

To be continued with Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective statements

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