Day 482 – From Relationship to Agreement Part 3

To follow what I am writing about, red the previous two part on this blog.

Day 480 – From Relationship to Agreement Part 1
Day 481 – From Relationship to Agreement Part 2

Last time I ended with the following –

‘To be continued, next blog I will share more on how all of this led to the greatest shame and regrets I have ever experienced and how facing myself and what I have done within playing the games revealed a different side to life, as an agreement with myself and another”

Consider, this is from my view, and my reality and everything that comes from my reality and everyone in it, different countries and different cultures will have a different look to it, and one might not see the connections from reading my blogs, so investigate your own life, your past, and see where sex was in the pursuits of relationships. Sex will always be found.. we ignore it sometimes to make the deception look even greater, some will even be the most patient but when that moment comes, the opportunity is taken.

So now from my two previous blogs one can see what is happening, what is underneath relationships it is lust, two people desiring each other, two people playing a game, starting at/from a young age, for me it all started in the year I turned sixteen, sure for some the game is completely different, yet the games for sex are played.

Now one can only imagine that if your one and only starting point to have a relationship is sex, how that starting point in itself is abusive, it is harming another human being.

For instance in my case, and all my friends that I knew, we would stop at nothing to get a girl that can give us sex. Even though everyone in my friends group were different personalities and we all had different approaches and we all had different looks and styles, we were all playing the game for sex.

It all looked so different from the outside, how each one was playing their game, just a little bit off and different than the guy next to them – because each guy plays the game according to what he can play, looks has to be taken into consideration, physical design must be taken into consideration, what is in your brain as intelligence has to be considered, your socio economic background or current status has to be considered. And then according to all that there is a certain market for you (the guy).

So in my sixteen year in high school I hooked up with my first relationship, where me and a girl were now officially a couple. This was different than just being free with any girl, which was my play from the beginning, but there was no luck with these hook ups, not even once, because girl’s want to first get to know you, well the girls I tried to hook up with.

This got really frustrating, because here I have so many girls that liked me and that was into me but none of them is willing to go where I as a guy wanted to go, see I didn’t realize at that time that this was how girls played the game as well, they are like traps lol. When you talk to them and hear about them they are someone else, but when you go for them, they are now suddenly not what they seemed, and sex is out of sight.

So with my first girlfriend I had an expectation, first of all I wondered now if she has had sex or done anything sexual before, because I haven’t at this stage yet. I just started my game, developing myself and the skills I have been developing over the past few years in high school.

So my first relationship with this girl was very weird, I lied to her about everything, I told her that I have had sex, that I have had BJ’s and I have told her lies that was crazy, I did all this in the hope that I will not seem like a loser, and that she will feel pressured to now give me sex, after two months of dating her I went on a camp with a friend of mine, at this camp there were a lot of girls at the swimming pools and just laying around, they were there with family but obviously looking for fun.

Now I am not a cheater, but my friend that was with me didn’t give a shit, he went ahead and hooked up with a girl, and he told me to also do so, his family told me I am young and must enjoy myself (in other words cheat) – I was anxious the entire time, because as my friend was hooking up, there were other girls looking for a hookup as well, and here I was, just standing there not making any moves.

Then I saw this one girl, and after seeing her I started hanging out with her, and we kissed, and I officially cheated, I have kissed a girl that I met in a few hours and befriended sooner than my girlfriend that I have been with for two months.

After this camp, I broke up with my girlfriend, and didn’t say anything about the cheating, and I then started dating the girl I cheated with, we dated for two months, and in that time we made out the French way for hours on end, but that’s where it always stayed, so one day I visited a friend’s house, and at his house his sister was throwing a party, so there was a lot of other girls, when night time came, I hooked up with the one girl, and whala, more than just kissing on the lips happened, shirts and bras were off, and only underwear was on, but then the girl stopped me, because she also had a boyfriend.

Then after this, I broke up with my girlfriend and I didn’t go for the other girl, she was/is committed to this guy (and they are still together today) – I just realized that with one night stands/cheating I get closer to sex than in a relationship.

After this I dated about 6 more girls, some I dated at the same time, and while dating these girls I had flings with other girls on the side, for the next year up until almost the end of my grade 11 year, I did this, cheated on each and every girlfriend – testing and running around from one girl to another, waiting till just one of them will have sex with me. Leaving each girlfriend after two months to move on.

At the end of my grade 11 year I was giving up, I wanted to have sex before I turned eighteen, I was considering prostitutes, I was willing to take money out and pay, just to get over the sex point just to get it out of my system and to then keep having it.

I bulldozed many women, picking them up with LOVE and words and actions and then just dump them after two months, like taking a person on a balloon ride, and then popping the balloon and just me jumping out with a parachute, because to me I never cared about the girls, I never considered them at all, my lust and desire was the only thing running me, leaving broken women behind in my trail, because they truly “loved” me – as I made it that way, as I used love and building deep trust in girls to hopefully then get sex, and then suddenly one day, BOOM, break their lives apart, in the meantime I was also doing what was called cybersex and cyber cheating, I had hundreds of girls/women pictures on my phone, from with cloths on to naked, and half of people I knew in real live.

And I just moved on with NO guilt, with no human consciousness at all.

The soul mate.

Yet even doing all of this I still did not get sex – Then I met this one girl at an athletic event at our school one day, just by random events, she was with a friend of mine and I went to sit down with him (because I just saw him, and there was this hot girl next to him which didn’t make sense), but not long after everyone was gone, and it was now me and her sitting there and talking, being really cool friends.

We exchanged numbers, and when it was getting really late we only separated, we talked for hours, in those hours we have gone through ALL the questions a partner can ask in a relationship, and answered them. I have never in the past with past girls been that comfortable with a girl that quickly.

We immediately wanted to meet again, she said that she was going to the mall with a friend to watch a movie, and I said ”me too!!’ but to drink with my buddies, and we arranged to meet up and just say hi and talk, as I was waiting at the restaurant with all my eight other friends drinking, I just sat there waiting to see her, when I did see her I jumped and ran, then stood still right in front of her and gave her a big hug, she just smiled and said, I can’t stop smiling seeing you here again, I felt like a kid around her, she left to go watch a movie and I went back to my friends.

We chatted for hours every day on our phones, sharing every small detail and just being involved with each other, what we started at our first time meeting just continued the same, it didn’t become something that had to be kept alive, we were just natural in being with each other over the phone and what we talked about,

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