Pokémon Go – Gotta Catch Em ALL - Day 584

Let’s give Pokémon Go a GO – let’s get Pokemon Go to the people who live in poverty, perhaps then they do not have to focus on starving, while all the rich are not focusing on ending the starvation but rather focusing on catching something that does not exist.

Let’s Give Pokemon Go a Go – lets focus on the imaginary catching of imaginary animals while the earths real animals are going extinct, the actual animals that needs our attention, let’s go with the EGO of Pokemon GO, let us all GO to a different reality rather, because grouping together and feeling connected is much better when it is focused on something that isn’t real, it has always been this way, just now we can have fake images giving us a reason to really escape this world.

Take a look – only the ELITE can have Pokémon GO – you need a nice phone, you need internet, you need streets and cities, you need other people that are on you “level” – Pokémon go is how the elite has always only focused on themselves and caring for themselves and their own entertainment, only now it is much more “real” – now the elite can make a positive “experience” out of grouping together, look Pokémon go brings people together, look Pokémon Go is connecting people that has never been connected before, it is such a positive thing, so we MUST do it.

Imagine, wait don’t use your imagination, Pokémon GO is the example of how Imagination takes over reality, how imagination can literally diminish that which is real and to rather focus on what’s NOT real and give that ALL your effort and time, because it is so much more fucking convenient, it is with people that you know is Elite just like you, because you know everyone you are meeting up with needs to have money, a okay life, shit taken care of to be able to indulge in a imaginary world and to even give soo much time to it that the comfort is there that your life will still be okay even if you give so much time to fake reality.

Meanwhile – have you ever seen a game that promotes REALITY – where people rather group together to build houses for the homeless, where people rather gather around to clean up rivers, where people rather gather in massive amounts to rather plant food for the poor, where people rather gather around to help the environment, Imagine a Game for a moment that actually MATTERS and that isn’t all about distraction and to only delude the human race more and more into a fucked up imaginary world where NOTHING of reality is considered anymore – Imagine 12 Thousand people gathering and connecting to bring about world change instead of catching a “big Nothing” that only exists on your phone as a picture BUT rather to CARE for the earth, to care for LIFE, instead of spending HOURS a day on a Imaginary game in real world, we COULD be doing the same to come together in real life to actually spend HOURS fixing this planet.

But you see, that’s not entertaining, that’s not convenient, that’s not stimulating enough to give your TIME too, people say they are so fucking busy and stressed out and life sucks, yet this proves that there is time, there is more than enough time for people to change this world, but the fact is Priorities, and peoples priorities are NOT with taking care of their one and ONLY beautiful Planet with the Amazing animals that is already here and the people that is here – no an Imaginary world with Imaginary animals and LIFE is more important. People will rather gather and come together for that.
So, let’s give Pokemon GO a Go and forget about our actual Mother earth, and continue saying Fuck you to Her and abuse her till she dies, perhaps then we will come together in the same way, but then it will be too late, by far, we are have probably already reached that point for earth.

Humans simply do NOT care. Thank you Pokémon GO for exposing this and helping the human further to see their dishonesty and that there is NO integrity within the Human – we are exactly equal and one with what’s here on earth and we will NEVER be able to now say, we were Innocent and didn’t know, and we didn’t have the time, we can now never claim innocence as the human race is being exposed now. Enjoy your imaginary world and the end of your real world. Or maybe not, perhaps we still have a chance, maybe, let’s see who can be self-honest and have some common sense.

Investigate Desteni – the Game of LIFE awaits you, if you Dare, group with the right people within the right starting point of LIFE and Equality, and see if you can stand the same way as you are willing to do for a fucking Game. But instead of LIFE, to end Abuse and suffering, to actually make this world a place where we can have a GREAT experience for all and do NOT have to escape to a different imaginary world.

Day 583 - We tend to forget when things are “Happy”

Happiness is a disease, it brings ease to us in a world of pain, where we can experience a sense of gain, as if life is moving forward, BUT only for ourselves, yet in this world where the basis of every beings existence is that of suffering, there cannot be any gain, it is only creating Loss, a loss of life, a loss to never be gained back, when an animal goes extinct, that is it, when an innocent child dies of starvation or extreme abuse, that LIFE is lost – no one is gaining, happiness is a disease that people are attempting to affect others with as a feeling, feeling blessed, feeling lucky, feeling like things are getting better. The matter of fact is that what matters as the physical that is designed in oneness where nothing is in fact separate, and thus implies that as long as YOU are happy you are in fact the most negative message on earth as you can be happy while suffering is taking place continuously, your happiness is deceiving others from seeing what is truly here, your happiness is pulling a cloth over the eyes of those that DO have the power (which is MONEY) to do anything about this reality, where your Happiness is LYING to others that they can do what you do, be happy and forget, be happy and join MY happiness, this is better, when the most positive message we can really give each other is reality, the truth of what is HERE within the understanding of oneness as a whole, so that we can POSITIVELY take action to bring about a world of true happiness where all life is Equal and taken care of equally, but this frightens people, to have to face the reality of what is here.

Take a look at yourself – see how others “happiness” that they deceive with in pictures effect you, you suddenly want it for yourself, yet you know, to have that happiness you must FORGET about the truth of Yourself and this world, you must indulge in ignorance and Blissfulness, you must put on a mask and play a character that seemingly has a GOOD life – happiness isn’t achievable within how the world exist currently, it is impossible, stop seeking happiness, there really is NO happiness till there is equality for all, till all life can truly express themselves fully without any FEAR, without any NEED threatened. When you see a happy couple, a happy person within their wok, within their family, within their Friend circles, within their lives – then you must know, that is but a moment, a moment in a picture, not the reality, not the truth, that s hidden, that is never revealed, that is how happiness can always ONLY be a picture within this current reality, when you take a picture of a moment of “happiness” what do you find? You had to possessed by a character, you had to be full of energy to really force that happiness out, to really suppress ALL and everything you know to be the truth, and see how easily it is to forget in a sudden moment just to experience yourself as happy, it is so easy because the world is so Damn negative, but we do not dare taking on that negativity as ourselves and not to mention this world.

So – when you heck yourself, remind yourself why you are HERE, do not forget and fall for the quick very very small moment of happiness that will present itself as a solution for NOW just not to experience yourself as useless and not able to do anything, facing and dealing with yourself is the first point of empowerment, and only through being real about that Truth of what is here as You can we start facing the truth of what is here as the world, and it isn’t pretty, it is scary, it is evil beyond what we can conceive, we have blinded ourselves for so long we can virtually even say to ourselves that things are looking better. It isn’t, stop denying the reality of what is HERE, only once we all stand up and as Individuals stand as a group within the SAME principles that is FOR and AS LIFE, can we actually start seeing change through taking on this world.

There is support for TRUE happiness – Detseni I Process is that support, Eqafe is that Support, the Detseni Forums is that support. Desteni is the most positive message in this world, it is Equality – and actually understanding it.

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