Day 460 - Church as the Perfect and Oldest Business system

In my line of work I meet a lot of people, not just in a quick way but in a personal way, which takes up to two hours of talking with a person or a family.

Within this I am discovering what is really going on within the lives of many different people, not just in terms of personalities, but within their life in general.

Within meeting and sitting down with hundreds of people within the past year I have come across some interesting things, such as where do people spend their money?

From my research, most people spend their money only on things that matter to them personally within their immediate environment, things that has to do with their survival first and then their entertainment/self-fulfillment.

I have to sit down with families and help them go through their finances and see what is happening within their financial matters.

What I have come across within 80% of all the people that I have met was quite fascinating and disturbing in some cases.

Before I get to that point I must inform you that this is South Africa, and most people I meet and work with live in middle class or below, this means salaries can go from twenty thousand rand a month to as little as one thousand rand a month.

And now regardless of the BIG difference from twenty thousand to one thousand rand salaries a month, what I am about to reveal takes place in all those salary classes.

I have come across a certain Business that is involved in everyone’s business of living/life, this business is called Church, it has NO product you take home, it has NO guarantees, it has no warranties, it has no proven research, it has NOTHING that proofs its reason for existence, except a Book written by humans that says a few things about history and then mentions a GOD that apparently exists.

And somehow this Business called Church is receiving TEN percent of the peoples Salaries EVERY month; it has been hitting me now in my face seeing this monthly fee people are paying Churches all over the place.

So when I meet a person that for instance have a salary of one thousand five hundred rand a month of being a kitchen staff, this person is giving one hundred and fifty rand to the church every month.

I ask the people straight up, why do you give to the church, some say the Bible says we must, some say because God will bless you, some say it is to not go to hell, everyone has their own reason.

WHY does everyone have their own reason, because the guy standing in front of the church every Sunday preaching, has actually TOLD these people these things, priests are the BEST sales people in the world, selling an idea/belief for actual money? NO product, nothing physical you are taking home, just playing on FEAR and thus Survival, the number one priority in people’s lives.

This guy just says things in front of the church to hundreds of people believing everything he says because he says so, because he is standing in front and not them, because he got a degree in doing that specific JOB. Not because it’s based on actual facts or anything real. Just fear once again.

Now imagine there are in some of these churches Thousands of people, they have many services a day to accommodate all the servants, and all these people GIVES their ten percent every month to the church.

It is a definite pledge they NEVER compromise on, it is in their core to do whatever they can to have that ten percent every month and to give it to a Peron in the church and then that money is never seen again, no one that gives money knows what is happening with it, maybe there is some believe that god comes and fetch it at night like what the tooth fairy does.

And this they all do even if it means falling short on bread or basic things for the month, as I have noticed/seen. Some even compromise on education for their children to be able to pay that ten percent, as in their minds it is more important, sacrificing the children’s future for fear of death and what may or may not happen after death or having good luck or being blessed.

So now I can understand why the Church is the OLDEST and most powerful business in the world.

Imagine if this is used right, what can be achieved, where this kind of system is used not to benefit one but to let the collective have a say as their combined power/money and to decide with that money what happens in a democratic system within the current system, millions committed to one cause with actual real practical physical objectives to achieve and to let all those who contribute KNOW where their money is going, and then we shall see GODLY work be done.

Day 459 – Well Hello Stranger

Why are we strangers to one another, may it be from the guy on the corner to the girl walking by on the street, all our lives we have lived in our own bubbles, we call these bubbles “family”, and this is where we learn that we are separate from all the other Families.

When in fact it isn’t so, we are one big family living in one big house called earth, we have been blinded by self-interest and fear to live in an illusion of separation, and this is why we can abuse one another, when the self-interest and fear tells us that others will abuse us, it is actually in reverse, the self-interest and fears are what makes us abuse others, one another.

I have been facing this illusion in my live, on a daily basis I have to go to strangers and I have to be with them and spend time with them, I have learn that it takes only ten minutes for me and the family to be a family, ones the fear and the self-interest is out of the way through talking and sharing we are suddenly not so different, in fact almost the same.

So how have I pushed through this illusion when it has been brainwashed into me for many years that it is real, that the fear I feel is real, and there for a reason.

First I had to make an agreement with myself to work through the inner fear through self-forgiveness and writing, secondly I had to let go of all the ideas/beliefs unconditionally, as I realized that it isn’t real.

Once I realized fear isn’t real, I still had to push through the physical manifestation of fear within me that I have created, this I had to make peace with and that I will face the fear in real time.

Real time is the difficult point, when I go up to a stranger and I start talking to them I will first have the initial fear that I might be invading or be harmed or be shunned or whatever the mind can make up to believe, to keep me away from other human beings, to not realize the truth, that we are one big family.

Yes the mind doesn’t want us all to realize that we are one big family, because that will mean we will stop living and existing the way we do here on earth as we do currently.

At this stage I must BREATH, this is the most important point, as breathing slows me down and thus the mind, the mind does not have time to interFEAR with the real time living that is occurring, this is me simply speaking/interacting with one of my other family members, and it usually starts off with the atmosphere almost like two family members that hasn’t seen each other for many years and now have to speak and inform each other of their lives..

It is quite interesting when this situation isn’t observed but lived, the real time interaction is simple, it isn’t complicated, it is practical and direct, but once the comfort sets in, then both sides are now ready to speak what is really going on inside, this is where the family issues are coming out, this is where the sharing becomes more, real and revealing.

This is where we can see that our entire family on earth is within the same messed up situation, and the only way we can actually change this messed up situation is through meeting strangers and realizing our actuality as a big family.

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