Day 486 - unexpected truth about Desteni and the Desteni Farm.

I have been wanting to write the truth about Desteni farm for many years, it has always been on my mind, I have never had a single day go by without having the vision of me writing out a blog post revealing the truth about Desteni Farm and what it is that’s going on here. I have been living on the Detseni farm for more than seven years, and I cannot hold this in anymore.

When I came to Desteni farm in 2008, I was strongly advised by my mother to not come, and that she does not allow me to come/go to the Desteni Farm, my father on the other hand was happy for the decision. (Since then my mother has visited me here on the Desteni Farm on many occasions and even wanted to move here at some point)

So I came, the words of my mother was stuck inside of me on the way to the Farm, it was a six hour drive, just me and my Father in the car, as we got closer and closer to the farm where I knew Bernard Poolman would be waiting for my arrival, and where the portal will be, I was really nervous and stressed out, as my mother’s words floated around in my mind – specifically these words: “in the name and blood of Jesus I do not give you permission to go” – and I decided to go anyway.

Once I was on the farm and I gave Bernard a hug and everyone else, the stress and nervousness was over, taking a quick look around the farm and just chilling, sitting around a big metal table outside talking and sharing, my father was also staying for a few days. The farm was at that time very dull and empty, not much was build yet and not much going on.

Then my Father left, and I was now on my own, no parent nearby, just me and other people on a farm and to be more specific – the DESTENI farm, not just any farm with family and friends living on it, a farm that was very very specific and why it exist, and the people on this farm with a very specific goal that is being lived/applied.

As time went by I got involved in ALL the Physical activities on the farm, which is farm maintenance and building. We were busy reshaping the farm, to bring life to the farm, taking out thousands of weeds and planting grass and cutting grass and building bathrooms and fixing a lot of things, such as fencing etc, and in this passing of time more and more people came to the farm, people from ALL over the world, from America and Europe and Australia and Canada and so many other places.

With these new strangers visiting the farm with this same specific goal at heart, it was really awesome to see everyone coming together and participating within all the practical farm activities and having chats around bond fires and making videos and interviews and writing blogs, just discussing LIFE and the systems we live in and changes and actually apply these changes to ourselves within the group, with a great amount of feedback from the supportive environment to help one achieve change in living application.

What I found the most interesting was all the different people from all around the world are actually not so different at all, in fact I would say I realized that everyone is the same.

Oh wait, everyone is waiting to hear the truth about Desteni farm, sorry I got lost in all the amazingness of the Desteni farm, the uniqueness of it all, the magnitude of such a happening such as the Desteni farm. specifically why is exists and how.

You are probably also waiting to hear about all the Bernard stories and the portal stories and all the weird things that is supposed to be going on at the Desteni Farm, well I am sorry the only weirdness is how the Desteni farm is the most harmonious place I have ever lived, where there is actually peace and community, because the people that visit or that stay here, are people that has developed themselves through actual self-change within taking self-responsibility, through extensive writing and applying self-forgiveness and developing self-honesty, living by common sense and agreements.

Oh wait, that is weird to most of humanity, which prefers war and harm and enjoying emotional abuse and mind games and blaming and all the “good” shit (sarcasm) all the normal stuff””

The portal is as real as real can be, I witnessed the portal multiple times at any time doing what the portal does, NEVER preparing anything beforehand, I mean the things the portal can do is beyond my comprehension, in terms of what’s coming through the portal. It is feaken amazing, I tried doing what the portal does through “pretending” and guess what, it is impossible to come up with even 1% of what the portal is doing and seven years later even with Bernard gone for two years already, the portal is still at it the same, making a part one video of a certain series today and then for the next several weeks make other interviews and then continues with part two perfectly in alignment with part one, I slept in the same house in my own room as where the portal was for two months, seeing the portal busy at any time with several other people also in the same house, the portal NEVER had any time to practice or to go rehearse anything. It is all real time HERE. I could at any time ask the portal for assistance or perspective and right there and then the portal would show me the points and give me insight or describe a system or program to me, and years later, still the same.

To talk about Bernard Poolman I would need to write a book, Bernard was simply HERE always breathing and directing points here, taking no shit, yet the gentlest person and the kindest person and you can’t hide anything from him, without saying a word he knows and brings it up. Yes developing abilities is possible, I used to see inter-dimensional at the age of 16, my entire family is aware of it and saw the proof for themselves in front of their eyes, but I lost my ability through abusing it. (I have never shared this before) this is why I know everything with Desteni is a fact, I lived it and I have been there (my own proof and evidence through time applying myself actually within the provided tools) trusting myself. One needs to stand as life and in breath to handle such an ability/gift – moving on.

The truth about Desteni Farm – it’s the one place on earth that I would like to manifest all across the earth, specifically the communal living part, not necessarily earth as one big farm lol.

The truth is Desteni is amazing if you really walk it to your utmost and apply the tools and learn to know thy self, develop yourself as what is best for all life, in other words, develop the vocabulary to stand one and equal as life to live the words of life and become the living word, as the word was in the beginning and A new reality, the actual reality that is here starts coming through and what’s possible for this reality that we have destroyed thus far, writing, self-forgiveness, develop self-honesty, common sense and living by the principles that is based on LIFE as what is best for all life.

If you want more truths about Desteni and the Desteni Farm then first let go of pre-conceived ideas and beliefs and opinions and really take a look without a veil in front of your eyes and we can move along faster this life to change this world and make a life that is worthy and best for all.

Day 485 - The Desteni Language

The Desteni Language, is it different, yes, is it weird, NO – first understand the definition of language and investigate the word language a bit deeper, see that it is everywhere in all things, it’s even how our DNA can do what they do, for the Human it is everything.

So welcome to the Desteni Language.

Definition: Language
1. The method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.
"a study of the way children learn language"
• Any nonverbal method of expression or communication.
"A language of gesture and facial expression"
synonyms: speech, writing, communication, conversation, speaking, talking, talk, discourse; More
words, vocabulary
"the structure of language"
2. The system of communication used by a particular community or country.
"the book was translated into twenty-five languages"

Now, onto my explanation to make sense of it all. The following explanation came from my own realizations and obviously in my line of work meeting very interesting people giving me new perspectives/words and opening up my world bit by bit.

Language – most of us, if not all, including myself have been taught that a different language is a language that “ONLY” comes from another country or a different region in one’s own country where one can listen and not make out anything the other person is saying because the other person from another country or region in one’s own country is speaking NOT the same language as you. This is the Idea that comes from most people.

As we can see in the definition of language, it comes down to vocabulary. What this means is that there can be two English speaking people in the same room, the one is a salesmen, the other is a doctor, both of them speak English yet a different language, as both of them has been trained in the same language (English) for many many years just with different vocabulary, so if the doctor starts speaking to the salesmen about his day, and the operations he did and the patients he had to deal with and their diseases, then the sales men will literally have no clue what the doctor is talking about, yet if the salesmen starts talking to the doctor about what he does and how he is selling things, the doctor on the other hand will understand what the salesmen is talking about. Why? Because the doctor has that vocabulary and can thus understand the salesmen. The difference is, the doctor studied for many years the Vocabulary that the majority of society do not study, or have to know about (which is different vocabulary in English) plus he already had the basic vocabulary of English and learned from society how to use/speak the English (thus has a WAY bigger vocabulary), while the salesmen also started with the basic English vocabulary did not have to study many years to sell things, although he did have to learn new vocabulary to fit his sales, it isn’t nessasarely that much different and still falls in the line of basic English.

Now let’s go one step further – The doctor and the salesmen both have the same basic vocabulary that they both learned through the normal schooling system, the one (doctor) went on to study different vocabulary that is specific to a doctor, and this doctor now has also changed his life after many years of learning new vocabulary – as vocabulary/words directly influence how we think and thus what we do and pattern ourselves with as the person/character we become, thus the doctor will now start hanging out with doctors and he will most likely enjoy being with doctors more as they can all relate to one another and have the same way/manner in which they speak, and have doctor jokes and spots to hang out, and the same goes for the salesmen. The difference is the doctor is kind of now living a doctor vocabulary, because he deals with it every day of his life as it is his living, his living depends on his vocabulary, and the same for the salesmen.

Now we have thousands of different professions in this world, where each profession has a different set of word/vocabulary that is required to be known and lived to really be effective and to really be a professional in your profession, even if all these professions are in the same Language as English, they are each their own language in vocabulary and how the vocabulary is structured to form sentences as well, to make it possible for that profession to exist to communicate to move the points and to do what is required to do.

I for example: I know nothing about mechanics, so will I buy a magazine that is called mechanics? NO, because I will start reading it and then not know what I am reading, BUT if I am interested, I will start learning the vocabulary so I can read about it and then I can start applying myself, express myself to do it.

So, when you look now at Desteni, it is simply a new language in terms of a new structure where new sets of vocabulary is used – and it is still English, but you can go and translate it into any language and you will find it is still the vocabulary and the structure that is different for it to be that which Desteni is all about, where this Desteni Language is the language of LIFE – it didn’t just come about overnight, it didn’t just come about through a mysterious unknown development, it came about through development in what Detseni do and stand for, years of research and hard work and really investigating things in this world and within ourselves, and to really truly express it all we had to develop a new vocabulary and how we structure it in our expressions, just like a doctor who needs to know his doctor language/vocabulary to do what he needs to do to save patients and help people, the same for Destonians.

If a person finds the Desteni Language weird or different then you should know that such a person will find any other language or new set of vocabulary they are introduced to weird, and that it has nothing to do with Desteni, it has everything to do with the person and that they are not serious, you know, like me picking up a book about mechanics, a lot of people enroll to become doctors, how many make it? Not all of them, because some finds the language/vocabulary too difficult to learn/comprehend and then suddenly such a person will now be against doctors or downgrade the profession, saying things like: they didn’t really want to become a doctor, that to become a doctor one must have no life to learn those words/things etc., I had a better plan for myself, but such a person will never admit that the problem lies with self, and get everyone around them on their side as far as possible just so that they do not have to admit they didn’t make it, it was the teachers fault, the teacher didn’t teach me right, the university is going backwards.

So understand the Language point, the vocabulary – try and have one thought without using vocabulary/words and see language in all its forms, not just the different sounds, but how deep it really goes.

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