Day 483 – From Relationship to Agreement Part 4

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“We chatted for hours every day on our phones, sharing every small detail and just being involved with each other, what we started at our first time meeting just continued the same, it didn’t become something that had to be kept alive, we were just natural in being with each other over the phone and what we talked about.”


So now I have met a girl that I have made my soul mate. It wasn’t destined to be that way by some higher force at work, I decided that. I decided that this girl will be my soul mate. I did this through totally integrating her and her life into mine, I took in all of her no matter what, I accepted her as who she is. And of coursed love her for that till the end of time as I promised.
The decisions that influenced me to make her my soul mate is quite revealing.

First of all – she was what the system define as “hot/sexy” and she was smart, she also had a good back ground, meaning her monetary life, she wasn’t struggling or living in a dump, she was well off. Almost equal to my monetary standing within the system, we both shared equal opportunity in making it within the system, like getting jobs and making money. These are evaluating points that I and most people check before we then decide to have a relationship and “love” someone lol. And of course all of this takes place only after one has already evaluated the other person sexually, there was an attraction, something that gets your attention and of course you personally can look at daily.

Once these two points fit one’s own preprogrammed profile – it is a soul mate. Simple as that. Sometimes guys go in for the purpose of just getting the sex, even if the monetary evaluation did not add up, and guys are willing to live with that even for sex, girls not so easy. But still do depending on their monetary situation in life, and how much they think their looks can get them out of it with a guy that is moving up in life for example.

Sex and Money decide soul mates. That’s the honest truth I had to face for myself. I simply could not date a girl that was living in a very rich household, only the rich guys got the opportunity. And then it is sometimes the other way for girl’s, they had looks or skills that a guy likes and is willing to put out with sex, the rich guys will take such girls as they do not need any money assurance.

So here we get back to the main point after quite a few insightful examples from my own experience and seeing how everyone in my environment does the same, just with a tweak here and there that makes it look different.

When one is looking for a relationship all the true reasons are hidden, love is used as the chemical that we get each other high on to hide the real reasons, as we are secretly laying the path for that real reason to manifest, to get sex. And then money plays a deciding factor in the point where a relationship needs to first manifest before sex can happen. Because a relationship might just trap oneself in an endless cycle of playing the love game and getting stuck in it, for the sex lol.

Don’t get me wrong, relationships do have parts of expressions that come through such as physical enjoyment, enjoying each other in moments of doing certain activities and things like that, but that we can do with anyone at any time. It does not mean it has anything to do with the specific person and that you love them or that they are different, we are all physical human beings with the exact same designs capable of this enjoyment.

It is the relationship constructs that exists currently as it does – which is not best for all, which isn’t best for each being that is participating within it, it isn’t best for anything or anyone as it is totally based on only self-interest, it is designed and molded based on secret desires. And thus it has already decided the entire life of both parties involved, one of two personalities, and these personalities come out once the energy is gone, the fun, and once the real things start happening.

As we start out relationships because we are curious about the other person, and because there is a curiosity and sex underlining the sudden curiosity we then entertain this curiosity through making it a desire to find out what it is, like showing interest in a girl or guy suddenly, wanting to know them and so forth, just to in the end get to sex, which is the curiosity taken to a desire and then an action/outcome, and once the curiosity is satisfied and we now KNOW, there is no more curiosity, no more desire. and sex might still be there. yet after a certain amount of time we start developing new curiosities, new desires, not within the relationship, because the relationship is standing still. Thus we now have a trap, where both partners have presented this false image and started a relationship based on false images. And have to keep it up for a very long time.

Some relationships do not keep it up, but instead it can become a relationship of frustration and irritation and now it goes into blame and regret and all these negative things. And then we start seeing partners cheating or becoming nasty and spiteful and this is what relationships mostly consist of, this internal game the partners are playing with each other. Because there is NO agreement, they have already agreed based on love that they love each other as they are, so no room for change, no room for REAL change. There is no room for actual self-honesty and instead standing as support and assistance for themselves first and then each other. Yet in how a relationship currently starts out and the starting points already being that of dishonesty; it is much more difficult to remove all the secret shit attached and to start with a new beginning.

And how did I come to now stand in an Agreement with another human being? and how have I changed myself extensively within what a “relationship” means? Stay tuned for more in detail bits of stories and perspectives on how I have gone from a relationship to an Agreement and what that means.

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