Day 568 - Principle Living

We all need a fundamental source or basis in this world to live from/accordingly, it is the reason why there are so many religions, sects, cults, groups in this world, each one gives a person a fundamental basis/source that they can live from/by, to give purpose and reason to life. 

The problem is that all the Principles that people are living by currently in this world is in separation from this world, they are all based on polarity designs, good and evil, right and wrong, and this life and the afterlife. This kind of Principle living isn't sustainable and it has proven throughout thousands of years to be so, all the wars and destruction, all the conflict between all the different groups, because who is right and who is wrong? a consistent polarity game takes place. 

So I am here today to Introduce a new Principle Living, a way that everyone can follow and live by and that will not collide with any other, it will not create conflict or discord, because this new way of Principle living includes all life, and if we all can adopt such a principle to live by here on earth, earth will truly become something that we can not imagine yet. 

The Principle is simple - Do what is Best for all LIFE, this implies a lot, but if we truly consider these words "do what is Best for all life" in each and every moment of our day to day living, we will see that No one is right or wrong, we remove the polarity design within this world, and we get down to practical living, this principle does not require us to be in our heads or create believes, it requires us to in each and every moment consider what am I doing/living? is it best for all life or not, simple, it isn't about others, it isn't about life or death, it is about being right here considering all LIFE as yourself, changing yourself within such a principle and removing the ego, then as you change yourself to live this new Principle you will start seeing how you change and thus everyone around you. 

This requires a person to truly let go of their old Habits, patterns, addictions, because they all have been created within self-interest, you see this Principle isn't about being a Good guy, this principle isn't about doing the right thing out of fear, this principle is about doing onto others that you would like to be done onto, love thy neighbor as thy self, give as you would like to receive, you see it i all about YOU and who you are. 

within living this Principle, one will come to understand that there is a Law that guides the Universe - this law is designed within oneness and equality - oneness and equality can not be separated, they are one and equal, and the universe moves in accordance with this law, which means that what we stand one with we are equal with - thus is we stand one with Separation and fear and self-interest/survival then that is what we create equally within this world, as we all can see in this world, all the war, destruction, poverty, animal abuse, environmental disaster etc. 

So if we adopt the new Principle of Doing what is best for all life in each breath/moment living this Principle as a self-empowerment change, as a self-growth process, a re-birthing process we will in time stand ONE and EQUAL with what is bets for all life, and thus as within so without we will create a world that is Bets for all, isn't that what we all really want? 

How do we go from who we are now to living this new principle of doing/living what is best for all life? it is definitely a process, a long one, one that we all must walk to end the abuse and suffering WITHIN, so that we can end the Abuse and Suffering without. 

For this I use a lot of writing, and I apply Certain tools to support and assist myself every single day. These tools are simple, Breathing is number one, to focus on my Breathing and not on my thoughts/feelings/emotions, which is then where writing comes in, when I find I can not focus on breathing I write, I write what is inside of me to get it out, then when I find that the writing is quit specific I write more, I apply Self forgiveness Writing for what I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as, to become, as who I am currently, through this I develop Self Honesty, to really be Honest with myself about everything still I do all this within the Principle of what is Bets for all LIFE, not for personal gain, thus I let go, I breathe, I forgive, I focus on LIVING in the physical, to not be in my mind as much as possible, as the mind is that which enslaves us, traps us, and we all can see this.

I Learned all of this from Desteni and have walked this for 8 years now. I will share more in my coming posts.

Day 567 - Words and Who I Am

 Who am I? When I ask this short and simple question it feels like the universe is opening up to me, I see that within the question of Who am I, I am attempting to place myself in a box, through a short description, Perhaps I must take in the Universe and see who am I in reverse to this question.
Instead of Placing myself as who I am in a short description, I can rather expend myself as who I am as all that is HERE. 

I have seen and realized that in each Breath, each moment, That I am in those breathes and moments each time living a different word, not by choice, it is as if it is happening to me, a mood will come over me and I am living the word mood, or anger, or sadness, or happiness.

There are so many words that I am living and yet not aware of them, these words describe who I am in each moment. The problem I am seeing is how I am not the directive principle of who I am in each moment/breath. 

I have been practicing and implementing a new way of defining myself in each moment/breathe - instead of me living and accepting and allowing certain unknown words to come to me and for me to live them, I take a word instead, and I embrace that new word in each moment, a word that I would like to live, a word that I see will support and assist me to become my utmost potential, to become living words. 

This is not to create a polarity, such as when I am sad, to now embrace and live the word Happiness, NO! I take a word that is a correction, looking at why did sadness just come over me, perhaps I need to embrace the word Alone, to be alone, to stand alone, to be okay with being alone, as the word alone within it can be ALL as ONE - so alone isn't really being alone, it is to be here with ALL life as One, redefined to become a living understanding and to embrace ME - because I may have been sad due to being hurt by someone else, which showed me that I was reliant on others to bring me happiness, and thus not satisfied with myself, perhaps I have never really looked at myself and said, hey let me be alone for a while and focus on myself to be satisfied with myself, let me first embrace me.

So, Who am I? I am the words that I live in each moment/breath - I can either choose the words, understand the words, live the words and direct and decide my own live, or I can just sit and let any and all words influence me, being a victim to life, as words create our Wor(l)d.

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