Day 458 – let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven

Let it be on earth as it is in heaven, this has come to past and we are living in heaven. The heaven we are living in is the creation we have on earth as the man made world.

We have for thousands of years misinterpreted “heaven” as we have believed heaven to be something out there, something that exist beyond the physical plane we exist as, we have believed it to be something beautiful and amazing and magnificent, we have made ourselves believe that it is something that is yet to come to earth and that it will come in a single moment like magic.

Because we have made ourselves to believe that Heaven is a place far away controlled by a being called god and this god is somewhere out there doing his job in mysterious ways, that is mysterious in its ways, yet all who believe in him apparently knows his mysterious plan, like he has one, like they have been told the plan, but when a man has a plan then he can only claim it’s a plan if he sees it and understands it and knows what the outcome will be of the plan, but by guarantee it’s impossible, because God never told anyone he has a plan, it has only been assumed, mysterious cannot exist with a plan.

So when we say, or pray or sing let it be on Earth as it is in Heaven we must realize, heaven is at the top and earth is below, as heaven is our minds, and what we think and what goes on within our minds on a daily bases is what we are creating on earth, as above so below, as within our minds to we create what’s below our minds – the earth.

So we can now also realize that heaven is a nasty place, our minds are nasty, we live only for our own plans and our own self-interested desires/wants and all that is not best for all life.

Heaven is here as the reflection of ourselves and we have already been living in heaven as it is, as we are capable of using what we call the mind, the brain to Plan on this Planet first before we make a move, take action and live what goes on within our mind to not fuck up or to not miss points and to prevent any harm that may come from our action and to live and create a life that is best for all life, as that is then heaven on earth, as above so below, yet we have missed the point completely.

We have placed heaven as another reality outside of ourselves and we have made it more and bigger and superior then ourselves, as the creators of heaven and earth, because we have done the same with the mind, we have placed it above us, we have made it something that functions on its own, we have made it a living entity on its own, we have made our tool our master.

And here we are, waiting for heaven on earth to descend upon us all and to change everything for us, like a cloud coming down to earth, when in fact heaven is but resembling the idea of our MINDS, and how we can create that which is GOOD as what is Best for all life within our minds and an idea, as Heaven and create it on earth one and equal in practical steps, one plus one, yet we missed the point for so long, for thousands of years we have Lied to ourselves so much we have come to believe that heaven is actually something where we go to when we die, when we clearly simply return to dust.

And the dust we return to will either be the dust of heaven that we created or hell that we created.

So to have a reality check, it is Below as it is above simply look around and see the world and what exist here, what exist here is what is going on in our mind, evil secret thoughts/back chat emotions and all that which is self-interest as fear, so check what is going on above inside your heaven and see if it is heaven inside your mind, where you live what is best for all life, breathe what is best for all live move as that which is best for all life and then you may be still and know that you are god, a co-creator of life.

We may currently call this heaven Hell, it will only change once we change – investigate Desteni, investigate the Courses that is here as the DIP Pro and the DIP lite (Free Course) and become a co-creator of and for life, and let’s make this heaven for all on earth.

Back-chat isn't a Game

Back-chat: any form of back chat is EVIL, it is poison against yourself and others, it is the chattering that is happening in the back of your mind, in a filthy secret hidden place, it is always nasty, even when its colored in, like a rainbow, we can see it but its only within or own mind and not really there in fact.

Desteni has BEEN around for many Years, since 2007 Desteni has been active in the public eye, Desteni has taught and shown over many years what it is that’s evil within this world.

Desteni has a Forum, Desteni has Courses for people to partake within and to change within so that things can change without, as we know what’s within us creates what is outside of us, the world is but a reflection of our inner realities.

It is a mess, the same way we can look at our own rooms and see the living expression of ourselves mirrored as our material possessions and how they are positioned, it comes from within and thus lived without, the way we move during our days is the way we think within our minds, it is clear that there is something wrong, the problems has been showed and the problems has been explained in detail, to the tiniest of details in interviews, videos and extensive writings, done by a man and women who has walked the path no one else dares to the fullest act.

I have come to realize that after many years of the information being available to anyone at any time at all times and not even hard to find, that the human is bound to the mind.

the mind is an interesting thing, yet it is simple to explain, yet for scientists it is the most beautiful thing, they can’t seem to explain it themselves, not to mention where it truly exist, yet Desteni has done this and many has done the research themselves and found that the mind is…… well find out by visiting the Desteni forum and see for yourself.

Now back-chat will come in and it will poison every breathe, it has a tendency of lurking in and seeing what’s within and bring it out to ring in your ears and make you do or not do the things that matter, the matter that is here that makes up all of us even the atmosphere.

Back chat is that little voice talking In the back of your head, it is the should have’s and the should not haves, it is the can I or can I not, it is the must I or must I not, it will obviously always choose limitation and fear, because within the atmosphere that is here as the humans existence on this sphere called planet earth, we only live and care about our own birth till our own death.

Thus when you have known and have seen and have investigated Desteni and what Desteni in fact stand for as the solution to life then you will know by now not one bit of Back chat is ever good for you or anyone else, as good redefined is that which is best for all life.

I have stopped my back chat to a degree where I can move without it interFEARing with me, it is but something that comes up and then I breathe it away, this is how I move every day, one layer at a time I remove the brainwashing conditioned by all that I ever called mine, the self-interested me is what I am setting free so that I that am here can live and truly see.

When I see the back chat coming up I stop, I do not give it one more moment of my blood, I move myself to the best I can be to live the utmost of me that is within the best interest of all life and me, it is the way forward and it the way for life.

I have seen through my own faults and failures that back chat is a devil, it is evil within me, it is what we used to call LIVE, to live out our back chat used to be the motto, I used to rather lay on the couch and do nothing, play a game till the morning or sit around and moaning about life being so dame unfair.

The unfairness I discovered was simply me as the back-chat playing a game of Russian roulette with myself in a bet, a bet that I thought I could win because I was playing with cards that looked fair, only to discover I was playing with the only pair and with no one else there, obviously always winning, waiting for the other to pull the trigger, the loser, only then to discover I was the only one with a turn. Back chat was the other, the winner and I actually always the loser in reality, as the back-chat basically made me argue myself, fight myself, limit myself, create delusions for myself, and to end up doing nothing, and so let the next invisible round begin, Because its all in my head.

Life moved on and time went by, I was still the same old me waiting for life to change me, or for me to change my life, the things Back-chat does, the things we chat to ourselves are the most dangerous, it is best we self-forgive and move forward otherwise we will find ourselves in a cycle, no different than a hamster in a wheel, it will only end once we die, as there is nowhere we are running to. or where we can hide.

I strongly suggest that the Desteni message is solid within self, investigate, research, apply and live, so that it is within the abstract mind where it is to be found, as long as we keep it within the concrete stage at the back of our mind lingering as the back chat we have we will never live the potential we possess as the living expressions we are of life, yet to realize in each moment and to move as each moment to do what’s needed to be done and to not falter within our own self-created trap called the back-chat.

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