Day 552 - What is real and what is possible? Questioning the so called facts for myself of myself

 The believes we have accepted as facts are the ones that becomes the facts. we fight for them, we reason for them, we make them logical, we create what is HERE and what is possible or impossible in FACTS!! so consider that if we can do that, then we must know anything truly is possible, even if it makes things in fact impossible just because we believe it, live it, breath it - in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word became flesh

I am sitting my chair, I have coffee on my table, and I have earphones in my ears listening to some interviews. My son is sleeping on the bed, he woke us up at 4:45am this morning, and we climbed out of bed at 5:15 am, we went to sleep at 1am, so here I am at 9:27Pm at night, a whole day of work behind me, or with me here. I experience my eyes tired and my body feels heavy, yet I am awake, I know most of my tiredness is within the Idea of time and space, what I have gone through today, plus yesterday, and the day before, no rest, not really, I haven’t had a deep sleep in about two years’ time. The tiredness is all in the mind, I just proved it to myself just now, I took one breath and I am here. 

How does that work? Why didn’t I do that earlier? What did I gain from remaining in the mind in a state of tiredness most fo the day, yes I was able to subtly manipulate my reality and have something to say to people every now and then and somehow attach what I say to my physical experience, my body to express what I am saying, to show and live what I am saying, just saying the word Tired and using it I must live it, why else would I use it or say it to someone else? Because I am tired? Or am I tired because I keep thinking it and holding this massive long timeline of my entire life inside me, inside my mind to justify why I am using and thus living the word tiredness. What is the Purpose? If I can simply not be tired yet do everything I do and more, why do I fear that aspect.

Why do I take events/moment and accumulate them into every other single moment? Is it a choice of my body? Or is it the believe that my body functions that way? Who taught me it works that way with my body, I mean I am telling my body or expecting my body to be a certain way after doing things and how long I have done them or what things I am doing, so is it really the experience of my body getting tired, or did I just place that condition. Perhaps to control my reality through limiting my body according to the mind’s desires and wants? To survive and just continue to consume energy internally, limiting the unlimited energy as LIFE to be accessible to express oneself within all possibilities. Yes here I am referring to what your mind do not want to look at or see. Like walking on water, flying even, walking through walls, teleporting, telekinesis, not needing food to live, walking through fire, melting ice by walking bare foot over it, I mean the body is here connected to all as LIFE, as the substance of life, real life energy, and thus the body can change, the body is like water, it manifests and crystallizes as we believe/do – but not as the pre-programmed mind exist currently, the mind is the limitation in itself. There are some people in this world that has accessed some of these abilities; they have done it, like the Ice man guy. Bruce lee went the extra mile, not to mention Jesus or the Masters of the Far East.

What if I had no thoughts and truly lived with and as the body? What will the possibilities be then, what will be real then, and here I am just talking about the natural state of the body, what if I develop my body from this natural state to actually evolve, to create and develop abilities that is Physical and beyond the mind – the mind can only exist inside itself, the physical body can exist here as all that is here in and as the physical, that which is real, thus nothing is impossible – Everything is possible.
I write this to just give myself a moment to consider how far I still have to walk my process and to develop myself in and as the physical and to actually understand the physical, Stars are made from dust, I am made from dust – The universe exist and I am here, why am I limited? Why have I accepted and allowed the impossible to exist within and as me, the disbelieve of the physical and to submit into the Logic and laws of the mind that keeps one enslaved to the mind to only believe the things of the mind, the physical and what is truly possible can only be lived, the mind cannot comprehend.

And Here I am struggling with tiredness at 9:48PM on a Thursday Night, Oh wait, I am not tired anymore, I took one breath and allowed the body to decide, and the body isn’t tired. But my mind wants ITS own time, the mind cannot function as effective and as long as the physical body, it is like a generator, at some point it needs a lot of off time from over working and refilling multiple times a day if used. The mind is Mining the physical, so our bodies has to first go through repair mode, Self-forgiveness as the Delete Button of the Organic robot.

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