Desteni – When your principles are for sale - when shit get's though the real self pops out.

A bit about why Desteni is the most difficult message and when do we sell out our principles. both points are related in a strange way. 

Why is Desteni the most difficult message in the world to spread and to also give forth to others? In a nutshell, because it isn’t a positive message (according to people’s perception of positive) and it does not fit into anything you have ever heard about or thought possible.

For example the portal, who has ever heard of a portal, a human being that can leave their body and bring through ANYTHING in this existence to communicate and share, and now you can’t even start to imagine what exist here in this existence, what we can see and not see, how much do we NOT see or are even aware of? The portal can bring it through, and thus what comes through and what the messages are, like Reptilian beings, Atlanteans, Jesus or a rock, a blade of grass or animals, name it all and so much more. I mean, imagine now hearing what they all have to share and how we have been brainwashed to belief things, what our perceptions are of reality and how our perception has been shaped and conditioned from birth, we cannot even start to think this is true or real.

Now – I can go into a lot more, but I would suggest you take a moment and read this book THE HISTORY OF DESTENI and do not take my word for it and read the book, it is worth your time, to see what Bernard Poolman has to share  on how everything was directed and pushed to what is now today Desteni, the message, the process, the journey, and WHY it is here, to change ourselves, to prepare ourselves for crossing over, to stand as life, and to not only do that BUT to in this life change this world, by becoming active, becoming living examples and taking a stand to stop the abuse that exists here.

What makes Desteni unique and definitely one of a kind is that it provides information that is actual education and that actually empowers a person to understand existence, to understand creation and thus to actually be able to CHANGE self, rebirth self. this isn’t a positive message as what so many groups out there promote (positive messages) or even information that still just share surface points on how we can change ourselves, because that’s what all other groups lack, it is detailed, it is specificity of creation and thus how we can change, the mechanics of LIFE, and what we need to know to really change ourselves aren’t the beautiful things, it is to realize the reality, the real shit that is here as US as who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exist as for eons of time.

Now, through Desteni you hear about Equality and oneness, you hear and learn about the mind, the body and how everything is programmed, how we have literally come to exist through being designed, and how we have to stop running as robots and rebirth ourselves as life, and this is where it gets really though, the MIND as consciousness which is a tool that has become our master has complete and total control on what exist here, each and every human is a slave of the mind, and we have literally created systems within this world that reflects US as the human and what we have accepted and allowed us to be outwards, and so we are in a Prison within and without, slaves forever, unless we take a path that is in reverse, that actually requires WILL power to walk and not to hope for motivation or automation to do it, which is the Desteni process and message.

Now, people do not want to hear this, people do not want to believe this, people do not even want to give Desteni a chance and immediately run away or fight, a typical fight or flight program of the mind. Then, those who do hear and see the Desteni message tend to FALL, because the mind once again has dominance and the being as the person has NO say.

I have lived through lots of this myself, the mind directing me, my thoughts feelings and emotions being my master, I have walked this process and LIVED it here on the Desteni farm for 9 years now, and I KNOW how hard this is, I know the challenges, and I know knowing is never enough, and living corrections are though.

That’s what giving birth is all about, a labours moment, it is painful, it has struggles, it has blood, it has pain, it has challenges, it has resistance, but once all of that is over a new life is born, and this is what the Desteni process is all about, rebirthing ourselves as life, so that we know who we are always, in this life and form and in death, there must be no difference, obviously only when Death comes can we stand, or if we are willing to leave our bodies by will, then we can know, as what we have as an example as the portal, where the being in the portal can leave her body at will.

Over the past 9 years, we at Desteni with this message, with all the information and Bernard Poolman and a portal, we have over time become quite a group of people standing in principle and walking a process of rebirthing ourselves using the tools that has been provided and thus SHARING ourselves within this journey as supporting ourselves and reaching out to others – this became a big thing on the internet for a while and so we got feedback from others – the feedback was hateful, spiteful and we have been labelled many things, such as being a cult or just another business making money. Bernard Poolman got the most abuse and the Portal, as Bernard Poolman was used as the reason for why Desteni is a cult for example and that he was some guru or leader of the cult.

Then Bernard Poolman passed away in 2013 and basically the VOICE that spread the message the most and penetrating people’s lives went quiet. BUT Desteni is still here today after almost 4 years now. Which in a way proofed every single hater and person that called Desteni a Cult wrong and that they actually just feared the truth, I mean, it is common that we all know people cannot handle the truth and instead fight for lies, so this was an obvious case. BUT these haters caused a lot of harm and damage to individual’s personal lives because of their LIES and spreading of misinformation, financially they harmed some individuals and on an emotional level with their relatives, so who was actually harming? The haters were and are really abusive and they didn’t care at all the abuse they are and were creating as long as they could feel strong and powerful in being RIGHT in proving Bernard Poolman as a Cult leader, harming people, yet they caused ALL the harm and actually started it and instigated it by the very moment as the first time they attached the word CULT to Desteni they immediately inflicted HARM on everyone walking with Desteni – interesting how these people claiming to be good and having good intentions ended up being the only people harming.

So, we faced a lot of conflicts and a lot of attacks came our way just for exposing the truth, the reality of what is here.

Ok, so that is just a bit of background information but not ALL of it, to find out more I would suggest visiting the Desteni forums and get on board with checking things out for yourself.
Back to the current blog and why Desteni is the most difficult message and why it is difficult to reach people.

Besides it not being a positive message but a truth of what is here, Desteni does not promote ANY profit gain for those that join and walk with. And this is thus another negative, as most people in this world do EVERYTHING for themselves and making money in some way, check it out, people will go out of their way to make a social platform grow, or to support a new upcoming group or movement as long as there is a promise of making money somewhere in there, suddenly people are motivated, suddenly people want to see it succeed, because they will personally profit and make money, and this is the difference with Desteni and all other platforms, We are not making promises or anything for anyone to make money, so people leave, because self-change just isn’t enough, changing this world isn’t enough to motivate a person, money plays a BIG role in the brainwashing and control within this world. Especially with how things are moving within this world, people will give up their principles to rather start moving and directing themselves for money, where there is a possible investment for self-profit.

This is why Desteni has been seeing a decline in growth and movement, because it is proofing the brainwashing and control that exist within everyone, where money direct, where money has the power, where people can change their principle and stance for a few more pennies, that’s what Judas did to Jesus, so it is very interesting to see how money can change anything and everyone, even when it means selling out LIFE.

Let me take this further – when people join positive groups that give positive messages for change like Depack Chopra or Eckhart Tolle, or even Osho, they are more than willing to openly support them because even their messages are a possible way of making more money in their lives, or helping with relationships and thus money, where Desteni says, shit is going to get real, you are going to face yourself, you are going to have to be financially stable and walk your process for a moment where probably nothing in your life will improve, because you are now getting fucking real, Desteni isn’t a positive message and self-interest and self-gain isn’t part of the message, it is always about self as what is best for all life, it is about actually changing and becoming an effective human being, not an effective money making machine or relationship guru as people hope and dreams for.

Desteni do not support self-interest and thus reaching people is SOO difficult, because what brainwashed human being cares about anything more than their own survival, their own money, their own relationships, and giving all of that up to stand as LIFE (now giving up here does not mean literally, but internal to not be controlled by the designs).

So, as the world runs towards an economic crisis (constantly) and politics are frightening people and everything is becoming more and more cramped, the nature of the human as self-interest overwrites principle as if the principle never existed, and this is exposing even more how fucked we are actually and controlled by the mind and slaves to these systems and designs, and just proves how programmed we are in FEAR – just like how Jesus was betrayed for a few silver coins by Judas as Judas gave money and fear a change instead of LIFE.

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