Day 509 – Clock Boy and the future of the Human

Most of us have heard about the Clock Boy story by now, a 14 year old student who built a clock for a project and took it to school, BUT because he had built the clock in specific way, everyone assumed it was a bomb, this kid actually got arrested on school property – have we lost our minds AS A HUMAN RACE.

But this is simply a reflection of where we are heading as the human race, we are living in constant fear, which later on turns into paranoia.

This reflects many dimensions of the human race and how we have “evolved” as a species, But I want to only point out one of these dimensions that this incident is showing to us ALL.

The world ISN'T getting better, by the fact that humans are more and more anticipating the worst, we are expecting the worst in every scenario, if the world was getting better through ALL the efforts that we have already made to better it, then this kind of paranoia would not have occurred – but it did, only reflecting what is within the general population – extreme paranoia expecting the worse, an this is simply an indication of what we have already been living for decades, always expecting the worse and the end of the world, and thus the world has literally only been created according to our expectations, it is ONLY getting worse.

Soon we will live in our own jails and prisons to protect us from our own paranoia, and we will give so much attention to our paranoia that we will always expect it to happen, and guess what, It does sometimes happen then, because we are just living in a waiting state, and we are waiting till what we are waiting for happens, you see by this act in each one we will create the end of the world by just living in that very expectation of it, we will through paranoia make really Irrational decisions that we will justify through fear, and we will slowly but surely nuke each other out of Paranoia, just like this Kid went to jail from other peoples “expectations” as paranoia and sending him to jail for JUST IN CASE… never ever looking beyond with reason and common sense and applying practicality to our ever action, we will act out of reactions and this will be the end of Life as we know it.

Day 507 – What I learned from Bernard Poolman – Lesson 7

The nature of myself/people as self-interest

When I was first introduced to the words “Self-Interest” – it was kind of a new thing to me, because ALL my life I lived in self-interest, but I never viewed myself as that, to me it was normal. But Bernard burst this bubble every single day, revealing that who I have accepted and allowed myself to exist as was literally just self-interest.

I have many stories to tell about how my self-interest bubble got burst by Bernard Poolman, but today I am want to focus on a point that really sticked with me and has over many years now only proofed itself/revealed itself to be so.

After living on the farm already for about a year and a bit longer, the farm has had many visitors already, Bernard has spoken and shared a lot with many people from all across the world, pushing the point in each and every person every day that they were here on the farm, the same as he did for me.
After ALL that Bernard has done for many that came to visit, pushing insecurities, fears, limitations, always pushing the person to their utmost potential and giving unconditionally support and assistance, nothing ever expected back – because anyone can go and leave Desteni at any time they wish, in fact it is the easiest thing to do, to just not participate with Desteni, because it is almost literally just internet based.

And this is the ultimate test for all that decide to stand as LIFE, with the “choice” being so easy to just not know, to just not do what is best for all life, being the easiest choice to make in this world – and even with such an easy choice always at hand, TO not make that choice, because you have walked this process for real and realized that this choice is an illusion/deception of the Mind.

And so on this one particular day Bernard asked me to my face, how long have you been here Gian? And I would reply, saying: probably more than a year now, and Bernard would ask me, why are you still here? This question quickly made me feel uncomfortable, because I naturally expected Bernard to think that I am here because I am making a stand for what is best for all life, but that wasn’t the case as Bernard soon pointed out.

Bernard said – you are still here because being here only serves your self-interest, be self-honest and take a look, your survival , only to serve you and to not really make a change or actually change– as money, but do not judge it, it is how you have been preprogrammed, so understand it and change it.

Like everyone else that has been here and that will come here will only do so in self-interest because that's who we start out as naturally and then change through walking the process, which is the purpose, some, if not most will disappear as they already have, because once they have received all the help they can get and have changed themselves and their life’s, they will abandon Desteni and abuse what they have learned for their own self-interest/life, they will suddenly be stable or make money and live a good life, but they will never admit it was due to help from Desteni, or give that to another as they have been given to, because it gives them power and the advantage over others, this will be self-interest at its best, but don’t worry, Life works one and equal to what each person stands as, and if you fuck with Life, life will surely show you it isn’t to be fucked with.

I had quit a realization after that conversation, realizing once and for all how DEEP self-interest is within me and how really doomed we are as humanity if this self-interest do not change – Because even when people have ALL the support, all the tools to change themselves and even when they have achieved some level of change within their life and FULLY understanding the principles of Desteni and how things work, they will and can still abuse that for ONLY self-interest.

Now to think that some will only walk process (considering myself) (as I have in the beginning) only for a specific outcome within their own life of self-interest. Like getting confidence within walking process just to get a girlfriend, or to get a job or to be liked by other people, or to suddenly make better decisions in their lives that lead to better self-interest outcomes, and then Quit walking process and forget about where they come from, how they got there and say it’s done, and so many have already proven this since the beginning of Desteni, Many have walked their process and change was significant, and suddenly, a lot of those people are gone, some also leave because they could not reach their self-interest point and standing for life was/is just not within their self-interest.

So I had to within myself Look at myself, who am I in this moment, will I change and leave, will I let anything in this world that looks like a promise for a better self-interest life let me stop and take that path or not, I placed myself in every moment that I can in any point in time in my life within myself, and I made a decision within me, that I will always stand as LIFE no matter what and make decisions that is best for all life, that I will also never forget where I came from as my process and who supported me and how I was supported and that I cannot and could not have done it by myself as the same counts for everyone else, because lying to myself and saying I did it all by myself, will come back tenfold. Some has already faced these points; some actually face this point the minute they start process with a purely self-centered starting point, and fall almost immediately facing themselves, but those that remain and that walk as Bernard also pointed out, they will be the ones that will change this world – and we do not need many, we only need a hundred or more that walk this process to the utmost in every breath.

So, I always check Who am I, is it self-interest that is living and walking and breathing, or LIFE, I do not judge any moment – I assess and then simply re align myself to what is best for all life.
Keep Breathing.

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