A moment with myself - Day 653

Business, I am in a state of business.
Everything is moving within me, outside of me.
I am thinking.
I have emotions within me belly.
I am busy on my PC with work.
Children are screaming around me,
I am also in constant communication with my colleagues about arrangement, things that needs to happen, meetings, chats.
I am thinking about what I still need to do today for tomorrow, the day after, to have things run smooth.
I feel anxious, stressed.
I find a focussed point, to moderate social media platform.
I move on it.
I still feel this emotional business within my belly.
I know, I cannot go further with this in my belly.

Slow down, way down.

I focus on the emotions in my belly, I call the emotions up
See the emotion, recognise it, feel it to know it.
Stop rushing and being busy as to run away from it.
I see, this emotion shows to me "survival".
I am in a state of fear of survival, not as to be in the bush with wild animals.
The survival is of myself, my reality, who I am as surviving within myself.
I see, all my actions would have been contaminated within this fear, thus not pure as my expression.

I stop. 

I stop everything I am doing in an appropriate moment considering all.
I give to myself silence, I forgive, as I can see.
I breathe through my nose, I relax my body.
As my breath move through my belly it breaks apart the emotions, it purifies it, I allow myself to unconditionally let go of the emotions, I give to myself a new clean slate forward.
I know I can stand and move through what ever comes, is, will be. 
I embrace what comes up within the emotions, I see it, and I see who I am within the fears.
I change within myself what I see myself as within the fears to be that which is the best of me, walking in reality, stability, not as fear, anxiety and insecureties. 

I write, I forgive, and I breathe.

There is nothing that anyone can do to me – repeat this daily as suggested by Bernard Poolman.

I then see and realize that all that is done to me is because of me so I see that, I realize that, therefor I stop, embrace silence – let go of fear, anxiety, stress, hopes, desires, expectations. Be here as reality always within the consideration of all life. No emotion needed, no feelings needed, only expression as self, direct here.  

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