Day 618 – My Journey to Life Update, My Desteni 2017

HI everyone,

I have decided to give an update in this blog today of how it is going with my journey to life, this isn’t referring to just my blog, it is referring to my daily every breath living, the journey HERE in each and every moment, and thus how am I doing?

I am a Destonian – this literally means one thing – rebirthing self as life and being a living example walking specifically with the Desteni Tools and principles that is best for all life in FACT.

I have been walking this journey for 9 years now, physically on the Desteni farm here with hundreds of Destoninas, with Bernard Poolman the Portal and everything else that is here as Desteni, the one and only Desteni for humanity, which is oneness and equality in fact.

I am not going to give a whole history lesson on my journey in this blog or compare anything. This is simply going to be an update.

Me personally

I am doing great, I am enjoying the daily challenges that I am currently facing internally and physically with my body and then externally (which doesn’t really exist) as all is one and equal, so me doing great does not mean I am saying life is good and easy, in fact it is me saying that there is a lot of shit, challenges and a lot of negativity, yet I am here, breathing ad I am standing, so I am doing great.

What are the challenges I am facing?

Currently I am facing quite a lot of challenges all at the same time, as I know this is how life is for most.

My challenges are as follow

1.       Me and my internal reality throwing random shit at me all the time to deal with, the thoughts, feelings and emotions that then takes my space and ability to response practically and within common sense. This I take on using the tools of Desteni as all ways, I breathe, I forgive, I write my forgiveness and then I change.

2.       I am facing who I am within my agreement – in relation to sex, communication and parenting – this I deal with the exact same tools and communicating.

3.       I am dealing with OLD long term addictions, which I am at the moment quitting and stopping, one at a time, with using the tools of Desteni and all the cool support on Eqafe from the Portal Sunette.

4.       I am challenged at the moment everyday with managing a farm/property on which a community lives ( the outside stuff) and making sure things outside gets done, general maintenance, and then attending to peoples requests for the things I can do but they cannot, like let’s say in a random moment someone needs to move something heavy, or get something fixed, I am the guy. This challenges Who I am within Flexibility and making sure that there are NO reactions, no fairness game playing out, but truly being at service within my ABILITIES to life to respond within my self-honesty. Plus all the projects that is on going, like building, setting things up, plants, nature etc.

5.       As all ways, I am still challenged by my Diet, what I eat and how I eat, and within this learning to know my body a lot more, this is a daily thing, and quit interesting to see how I eat and when and what and then the physical responses, I am within this also quitting a lot of things, like Breads as much as possible, I am now on day ten with NO coffee.

6.       Who am I within living in a community and when there are issues or conflicts or problems within the community and we have meetings and communications going on, who am I within this as a solutions all ways as what is best for all life.  So here I am challenged with never taking sides but standing with the group as a whole as principles and best for all life, not falling for what sounds right or wrong based on morality but always what is best for all and what’s in the words.

7.       I am challenged with Time, and this is specific with all my tasks that I have on the Detseni Farm, including the DIP courses where I am a buddy and have quit a few Trainees that I chat with weekly, and in that time I also have my house and my room and basic daily things I need to get too, not to mention sometime spending time with my son and Partner.

8.       This brings me to the other point, spending time with my son and partner, it is something that does not happen a lot, I do not get lots of time, unless it is late at night and my son is asleep and I can finally have time with my wife so to say lo, but then it is getting to late and I have to be in bed to wake up early to get the farm running in the mornings.

9.       I am always challenged with Money and finances, as I have NO control over finances or money, as we area  group and everything we do here depends on the message of Desteni and Eqafe and DIP and DIP lite moving and reaching people and thus that supports brings support back to us/me here equally so we can continue to be that support, but it hasn’t moved a lot in recent years, So I am always under a budget that is limited to really GROW and expand, which laces me under more pressure because that means less help on the farm and thus less time for me and things moving slower.

10.   I started a Project here on the Farm that is called Earth Haven and opened a Company called Earth Haven Foundation seven months ago, to create another branch for income – but this is much more than just income, as I am taking things to a whole other level with Earth Haven, and the challenge here is also reaching people and getting people to fund and support, because once again money is movement, and People are the foundation, so I want to reach a lot of people and then funding, create a cool group for pushing forward world change. Here my challenge is basically getting people to see the simplicity of this movement (Earth Haven) and how the impact of this will be great, basically creating hundreds of Desteni Farms across the world and even MORE and BETTER in terms of the physical practical functionality, because money can allow that and create that. her is a link if you are interested to see -

11.   I run a couple of accounts for Desteni on Social Networks, and they haven’t been able to move a for a while, this is on my list daily to get a way to move them, for example the Desteni Universe I want to upload hundreds more of Bernard Pullmans Videos there but I do not have the time to go through all of them, recreate the videos and render them and upload them, as I KNOW they are awesome and most beneficial for all of humanity. Then there are still the twitter accounts, the Instagram accounts and and google accounts for Desteni and for Eqafe and Earth Haven that all needs to move daily and consistently. I am not finding time. -

12.   Another challenge is me blogging and vlogging a LOT more, and even doing my hangouts I used to do so much, as I truly enjoy it, but again time. So here I am doing a few a week and that’s what I can do currently, yet I know a lot more has to be done to reach more people, as that is crucial to change, to creating a world that is best for all life.

13.   Improving my reading and writing skills to become more effective within processing information and in general be able to be more clear within my words to live and express oneness and equality within myself and life.

Ok, I will stop here for today with the list of challenges I work with Daily for now, there are more, but I have to keep it more on the surface, otherwise the details of each and every challenge in each and every project or thing I do will be a book, which might not be a bad idea for the future, to write a book.
For reference, if you are interested in the DIP Pro course here and would like me to be your buddy, to walk this course with you, don’t be shy, people have to come first that are serious about helping themselves and this gets priority – so I definitely have time for  this – check it out here - jus request me.
This is the update for now. Keep on writing, self – forgiveness and self-honesty, share and care, and no matter what stick to matter and stand within what is best for all life, this is only possible through focussing on who you are as LIFE.

Did you get distracted by the picture in the post?  check out this interview on distractions on Eqafe -

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