Day 484 - From Relationship to Agreement Part 5

Continuing from my previous blog.

Last blog ended with: “And how did I come to now stand in an Agreement with another human being? and how have I changed myself extensively within what a “relationship” means? Stay tuned for more in detail bits of stories and perspectives on how I have gone from a relationship to an Agreement and what that means.”


How did I go from a relationship to an agreement? Well I was first introduced to the concept, and then after being introduced to the concept, I had a lot to consider in my life.
The concept came to me through Desteni, an online group of people that participate within a new way of living. Completely off the charts. People who are in the process of investigating all things and keeping what is good.

The word good has to be redefined to understand the concept and what’s about to unveil. The word good has to be seen in the light of “what is best for all LIFE” that is what is good from now on, when one look at their own actions and reasoning and thoughts/mind and what is it one is doing, one must always do “good” and now using the new definition of good as “doing what’s best for all LIFE” we can see how that places everything into a different perspective.

Now we have to also quickly redefine “LIFE”, what is it when I say LIFE, life is what is HERE as all things that is here right now as the past, present and future, life is the word that express all things in the universe, from the unknown to the known, and that life is all of it at the same time here. It is never separate, it is never not part of itself, yes life expresses itself in different shapes/forms and sounds and colors and all the things that is here, yet it is the exact same thing, it is me, it is you, you and me are one in fact. Life is the word that shows/that brings all things in the universe into one word as once point of consideration in one word to express it all in one go. Life is the word that is me it is you it is the next deadly virus, it is the most evil of people on the planet, it is poverty and it is war, it is everything.

Now the concept has to expand a bit more, so we understand that we are all one now, but what does is mean when I add in we are one and equal in all ways? This is another concept that was introduced to me and explained to me with quite simple common sense, and the best part was I did not have to believe what was told to me or expressed to me, I could in fact test it out for myself, I could in fact take up writing and other tools to investigate this new found concept of “one and equal in all ways” and check it out for myself, this is where I started investigating my past relationships, and I found exactly that equation to be true. Because we are all ONE in all ways, thus we are in fact EQUAL in the substance that we are, and thus we are also always equal within Who I am decides what I create, it is one and equal.

Now the concept has taken many turns, it now has taken on a theory inside my head, it is has taken a grip as I could now see with different eyes, I could look at life and see myself, I could take LIFE that is here and I could see that everything that is here as me as life is a reflection of me, as above so below, as within so without. So much started making sense to me in my daily living, all the small things I was always confused about, I could now find answers for myself and utilize common sense, which I found was none existent within me. But having this new concept to live by, I could now filter how I look at life through this concept first and see different results.

But why would I want to do any of this? Why not just keep living the old way, the way that I was raised by my family and community and society? Isn’t that just simpler.

No! in fact it isn’t simpler – I first thought it is simpler, till I actually started applying these new concepts in my daily living, I started making these concepts Principles to live by, they now started moving from theories and concepts to actual living, to actual principles. Because I realized one thing, if I am LIFE as all that is HERE as the universe (you in reverse(from who you currently are as believing to be separate and different)) one and equal in all ways, then I am actually pretty messed up (fucked up) and so is everyone else, it just took a bit more effort to look outside my own life and seeing everyone and everything as part of me and what’s being done to everything and everyone all the time, and who wouldn’t really want to change.

So once I have now gotten a understanding of these new concepts/facts and principles, I now realized I had to apply this not just within myself as myself all the time, as I am actually still actively living in this world, and thus I have to apply myself within ALL my relationships I have (body/food/living/work etc), and of course, the one relationship that most, including me, make the important life deciding one, a one on one relationship with another being, intimately, romantically, sexually, and eventually creating a life and creating lives such as babies within this one relationship and applying this new way that is bets for all LIFE.

And this is where an agreement starts coming in.

To be continued.

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