My Desteni Process – Thoughts aren’t natural

Thoughts aren’t natural, this can be something difficult to grasp, but it isn’t really that farfetched when we take a closer look at what thoughts are and what their actual impact are on the physical.

Like when we burn coal to generate energy, thoughts are similar, when we think or go into thought, we are in fact taking something real of the physical and we are burning it, using the resources to generate energy to run certain systems, may it be a T.V or a radio, or a fridge, some are practical, but for most of the things it is for pure entertainment or indulgence. The earth is suffering for this, for example, the same is happening within us, with thoughts and thinking. We are burning energy to entertain a world/reality in our mind that literally does not exist, these thoughts have further outflows of energy use, we then (after the thoughts/thinking) usually experience feelings and emotions, have a certain experience within us, which then requires even more resources to burn to generate the energy and thus to keep the emotions and feeling stimulated, thus we will have a never ending cycle of thinking/thoughts feelings and emotions, all generating energy through burning resources. The resources the thinking/thoughts feelings and emotions are burning are our flesh. 

Now, we have a lot of indicators that show us how unnatural thinking/thoughts feelings and emotions are, such as headaches, sometimes very specific headaches to show us what thinking we are participating within if we understand the points the body is indicating to us. Then we have even more indicators, such as our illnesses, diseases, and mental addictions. We have even more evidence on a global scale, which is the global state, the state in which the world is. The state in which the world is a direct result of thinking/thoughts feelings and emotions, and it is pretty fucked up. I mean, wow, we have been and only been using thinking/thoughts feelings and emotions throughout history to direct us to give us guidance, to give us purpose, and here we are, just take a look what exist for BILLIONS of beings, I mean the human LIVING, and how we live on this planet goes against ANYTHING natural on/of this planet. Do you still think thinking/thoughts feelings and emotions are natural? Then ask yourself this, why aren’t you living with nature, in nature, why do you not know anything about nature? Why is the nature of the human destroying nature? What is the thing we have apparently that makes us better? A mind which thinks and has thoughts and that generates feelings and emotions – I mean if we were really intelligent then we should have noticed this a long time ago, the mind as thinking as thoughts feelings and emotions aren’t natural as it literally directs us to do everything that is unnatural and destroys the natural world.

Now, I have had a personal experience a couple of years ago as I was walking my daily self-forgiveness where I one day did so much self-forgiveness on the re-occurring patterns I was living as depression, being gloomy and doomy and always carrying burdens with me, I did some intense self-forgiveness on the specific points, the beliefs and ideas and opinions I had within myself. On that particular day I decided enough, this has to stop and I meant it within myself that it is time for a change. The following day I woke up with a BASHING headache, it was intense, this headache was in the front of my head, it was pounding and heavy, every time I would move my head it felt like my brain was hitting my skull on the inside, I tried to think about a headache and what it could be, but as soon as I started thinking, my head hurt even more, so all I could do was sit down and breathe.

I sat down and breathed for a couple of minutes while focussing inside myself and NOT thinking, then a thought popped up in my head about what I need to still do today, this thought immediately activated another headache, which was located in my temples area on my head, as this thought was presenting a belief I had about what I still had to do today and how I am going to experience myself all day, so now my head was in serious trouble. I at and breathed a lot more, for about another ten minutes, my headaches started going away, it calmed down as I was calm and breathing within me, there were no thoughts, no feelings or emotions within me after about 15min, and the headaches were almost gone, I could easily stand up and continue with my day, but 15 seconds later I had a thought and BAM!!! A headache was back, but this time it was located at the back of my head, it felt like a pounding headache, and my temples were also heavy, this was really fascinating shit, and this continued for TWO WEEKS – I could not participate in thoughts, thinking or feelings or emotions. 

As soon as I did I had immediate headaches and pain, each time in specific areas of my head depending on what thought, what thinking I was activating and going into, and the only way to stop a headache was to stop the thoughts/thinking and thus the feelings and emotions.  

These two weeks were the best days of my process and walking myself into correction as I was unable to go into thoughts/thinking I had NO choice but to simply live direct, to act and to D, to not think or ponder or to go into thoughts, I had to live HERE in the physical, I broke and changed every single habit and pattern I was in as if it was nothing due to not having a choice because I could NOT think or go into thoughts and thus NOT go into any experiences, and thus no experience could decide for me what I must or must not do, I could be here and act, and in fact each time I acted the headaches got lighter and went away, it was like I had a compass of correction within me to be physical. After two weeks I got out of the patterns and habits that kept me in this dark place for a couple of months and I was amazed how thinking/thoughts could cause so much pain on the physical – I had the opportunity for two weeks to experience the pain thoughts/thinking causes the body and I now know that even when I am not aware, each and every thought/thinking feeling and emotion impacts the body and has great consequences on the physical body and my LIFE and thus everyone else’s LIFE.

I mean, imagine how and what we are doing to the earth, do we think we are NOT harming the earth or causing pain to create and generate energy? How to use that energy and for what? It all matters and as we know, as within so without. Thus we can see outside of ourselves as a mirror reflection what exist within us and it isn’t pretty at all…

Investigate Desteni, start your writing process of self-forgiveness, stop your thoughts feelings and emotions and start LIVING.

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