Day 451 – Working with Hierarchy Systems – over view Part 1

To get somewhere in life you need to follow through certain steps, the first step is to work on the ground with everyone else. This is the bottom part of a Hierarchy system. 

Now once you have worked through the bottom you need to now go to the next level of the hierarchy system that is in place, may it be in politics or in education or working in a factory. (if you are looking at advancing in life).

Within any workplace or within any system that exist within the world there is a Hierarchy system, and it is a common saying that you need to work your way from the bottom to get to the top. 

So now we have a scenario happening everywhere, there is only one top spot in a hierarchy system, and there are millions of people on the ground for each profession or workplace.

So now we have people on all levels of each hierarchy system, the top dogs and the people below them and then the people below them and then below them and so forth.

With my experience of working directly with hierarchy systems is as follow, I am a ground worker, a floor worker, I work on the ground to get things done, to move a point and to implement the tasks/aims/projects that is required, I do all the physical work that needs to get things physically done.

I also do all the planning and the organizing, which is usually a position for someone higher in a hierarchy system, and then I also do the Important things that needs to be done like meetings and making business decisions – then I also do the next part, which will be the highest position in this hierarchy system – being the business/company. 

As now I am working within such a system, I am facing ALL the points within other hierarchy systems, which I find interesting as to how these hierarchy systems are set up for purposes of functionality and keeping things flowing and practical. 

Which isn’t the case, because these hierarchy points are being abused for the money that is involved for each position, it isn’t functioning as it should, it is functioning as a point of “I am sitting here in this position with this salary… and all the other lower positions are there to protect me from anyone else trying to reach me and to use me as my position to also get to a higher level in life”. 

And the only way for me as my business to move forward is to make face with the people at the top, most of the hierarchy systems is set up to make each person in a high position believe that they are high and mighty, and thus they will be the person that unconditionally protect the position that is higher than them, and unfortunately the people in the top positions are usually slow and dumb people, so that when you reach them, it is going nowhere. Very clever – so who is orchestrating this and for what purpose? It’s like done deliberately.

There are many hierarchy systems within one big hierarchy system, so the illusion that I also have faced is to believe that I have finally reached the top, and then this top is but only one part of an entire hierarchy system, which confuses a person, and no one tells you, you need to go higher, they love playing the role of being the important person that can help you, which figures they can’t. 

But the whole point of the hierarchy system as it is functioning now and not as how it should, is to create fear – the fear being that there is someone BIG and with a LOT of Authority sitting at the top, and this person has so much power, because usually just reaching the first hierarchy system of the bigger one was already scary and one had to push through a lot of inner conflicts and reactions, and now to find out that this is yet not even the tip of the iceberg. 

I am merely speaking still from a business perspective, not to mention the world system and the hierarchy system existent on a global scale.
To be continued.

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