Day 557 - Deepak Chopra and Imagination

I do not know if it is appropriate for me to Debunk someone such as Deepak Chopra that has been on the scene of “spiritual people” for many many years and has helped many people I am sure of it, but I am also sure that the solutions are only temporary and not permanent, if they were then Deepak would have had less Clients, he is a great salesmen, he sure did his homework well and practiced his work in a way that targets the right people, people that are serious about changing themselves and for example their destructive natures, but unfortunately Deepak Chopra still doesn’t understand the most basic and simple aspects of life, and this is revealed in his words, I am referring to his simple words that is placed in quotes and send all around the internet to get people’s attention . What are these simple and basic aspects of Life I am talking about? Well it is common sense and self-honesty

But for today I am only going to take on Deepak Chopra in my blog on the following quote (also the picture used in this Blog) quote: “the best use of imagination is creativity. The worst use of imagination is anxiety” – end of quote

So what Did Deepak do here? Did he really just say something profound and that is amazing? No, he simply mentioned two polarities of the same construct, what is the construct? Well the energy of and from the MIND – as in this case Imagination. Yes sure to almost all people on earth this is “normal” to have polarities and to rather take part on/live the positive part of the energies to apparently create something positive. But here comes the part most people do not know or understand as to why this isn’t a solution and in fact enhancing the problems people are facing.

See Deepak in this quote is attempting to help people get over anxiety, but what he does not understand is that anxiety is energy of the mind, just like creative energy of the imagination, both are the exact energy just placed in a different light, and the point here is, the mind is the problem first and foremost. The mind is meant to be stopped, so that we can reach our beingness and true expressions. But as long as we are contaminating ourselves with the influences of the mind as positive and negative, we will always be stuck in polarities, moving from one side of being positive to negative, and as we all know, negativity usually wins, that is why we are always seeking out the positive.

So if we had to live what Deepak Chopra is suggesting, using our imagination for creative thoughts or imaginings to not go into anxiety or stress or fear – we are not dealing with the fear/stress/anxiety – in fact we are suppressing it and accumulating more and more while being unaware and being blinded by positive pictures and thoughts running through our minds, so this creative imagination will only last a while and then we will experience all the negative shit again, and actually as if it got more.

Another point to consider and that you can cross reference for yourself is, when you are in a “positive” state or attempting to only imagine creativity and good things, ANYTHING in your day will quickly put you down into a negative, may it be someone looking at you wrong, because when you are attempting to be so creative and positive in a world that is clearly in a state of doom, you are attempting to be more than reality, not being real with yourself, and thus a person/you can become very reactive and these reactions can either go internal or external , some get depressed and some get really angry for example.

Now to go one more step further – what is another point that is completely missed with Deepak Chopra – he tells you that for example “the worse use of imagination is anxiety” but he does not explain in detail what is anxiety, how do we create anxiety, when anxiety comes up what is it indicating, how can we take anxiety in any given moment and instead of resisting it or fighting it or going into the “positive” instead but that we can rather take our power as creators and we can take responsibility for our creation as the anxiety within us and understand our creation – for example anxiety is the indication that you are about to follow the same pattern that isn’t best for you or where you always fall or haven’t yet established who you are within your reality within certain situations and that you haven’t investigated and taken the time to check all your patterns and why you are repeating them over and over again and not changing, what is the ENERGY inside the anxiety that we seek through repeating patterns over and over without changing ourselves, how do we change ourselves etc. I am not going to give all the answers here; I am simply opening up the points to each one reading this to check for yourself.

Imagination is anxiety, no matter if we are doing it positively or negatively, the mind always seeks to enslave a person to energy to keep us trapped in the mind as imagination, never to stand up and realEYES ourselves as LIFE one and equal, that we were born perfect beings without the need of imagination but to simply participate here direct as ourselves as our creative natures and to develop upon them.

Finishing off: You are Born into this world as a child, you had no imagination, you had no mind, you had no thoughts, you had no memories, you had nothing inside your head, yet, just look at a baby/toddler/child – the pure expressions, the living, the energy of the physical body, the beingness, no fear, the pure expressions – you can’t remember your first three years because you weren’t contaminated yet with the “mind” as consciousness, yet you expressed, you lived. You were more alive than now – so ask yourself, how did I get here?

There is a very long and hard process for everyone in this world – the Process of Rebirth. And Desteni is the only group of people in this world that has actually taken the time to really investigate everything and to come to real solutions, how to end addiction, fears, destructive patterns/behaviors and how to become the creator of your life and to rebirth yourself as LIFE in fact.

If you are reading this and you are serious, if you could see the common sense and be self-honest with yourself about what I wrote. Then the next level is here for you.

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