Day 527 - Living inside of oneself


 Living inside of oneself all the time, holding the past against self in the hope/fear that by not letting go of the past the future might look different, only to have the past with you in each moment to create the past over and over. To keep assessing and to keep fearing the past only creates a resentful mind and thus a angry way of living. This anger does not show as we expect. It rather turns into other expressions such as not caring, depression, spite, nastiness, name it. As anger is a creation of feeling powerless. In this instance keeping the past as your thoughts/feeling/emotions with you everyday only creating the past again everyday. We do become first powerless than angry and then we either change or we submit to our own creation of self defeat

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  1. And then in every moment we are in a constant of sorting out our own lies, which is crisis management instead of choice management!
    Our lies are a conceptual mis-take on reality, because they are a measure unequal in respect to life as the physical world.


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