Day 522 - Sadness


Sadness -I have grown up as most of us, to always live and show happiness and never to expose the sadness. As soon as sadness is shown or expressed people try and make you happy. Because sadness has been judged as wrong as bad as negative, thus it is feared to be and show sadness, you will become a party pooper or make others feel uncomfortable. So I learned to pretend. I became an expert at pretending to be just happiness. But the truth behind the smiles is this face. Because this face expresses Life on earth currently. While we party and be happy and keep pretending for the same of others, our lives are sad. We are bound to money, to be slaves to money in a system we keep alive but we here did not create it, we suffer and all life on this planet suffers for it and everything it truly sad. Yet we do not dare live this truth. But I have realized this truth, and because of this realization I am able to live in self honesty - that for real happiness, for my face to truly change - this world must change and I m7st actively take responsibility to change it and to truly create REAL happiness. Where no smile ever hides anything as we will in this new world know for a fact that all parts of LIFE is happy equally within their part of this Life. If we all can come to terms with realty and that it is sad. Perhaps then we can come together and say This is not how we would like to live life so lets fucking change it and bring true unchangeable happiness to this WORLD and all parts in it.

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