Day 532 - Animal support


Animal support. I truly enjoy animals and the physical support they are, but sometimes I do not show this appreciation or enjoyment towards the animals in my reality. This usually happens when I am in a rush and in my mind. I will find that if I am in my mind my experience with and towards animals are that of ' they are in my way' and just annoying me. Yet it is all an experience that is only within me. With this white cat here I noticed this relationship I have created within myself towards animals. As she keeps on walking over my laptop or sleeping on my office chair or while making calls suddenly be all over me and in my mind I will see this as annoying and time wasting and the cat must stop. But she was consistent and through this I started instead embracing these moments and getting out of my mind. It became the opposite of what I experienced before and in fact it actually supported me in releasing stress from working which made work better and more fluent. This became a daily routine now where she would wait for me or come running once I was there. Thank you Animals for your unconditional physical support and showing us what is real and facing our human conditioned nature of the mind as our illusion of reality.

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