Day 526 - Walk the talk.


 Walk the talk. It is easy to talk and to say things and make things sound right and good and to use words on and on, but what is the meaning of the words that I speak if I am not applying and living them for real for myself first. This is the case that I found with me and my son. I must live what I speak. Not in terms of making promises and keeping them. Promises are always a lie. I am talking about what is Here in each moment and living what I stand for. Being an example. And the speaking comes later that I add to my actions. So that there is no bias. This also helps me to always check and make sure that I am living and breathing in each moment as my son takes it all in. Even if I just sit and do nothing. Its a matter of who I am within it. I realized I must be an example to myself first and not do it just for my son as that will still be a bias and not sustainable to real change

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