Day 524 - Solitary confinement


Solitary confinement has been seen as a method of apparently teaching someone something. May it be with prisoners or with mental institutes or children. I remember as a child being send to sit in the corner of the class room for speaking out of tern and thus missing the rest of the class room tome. Or by my parents being send to my room for being 'bad' - yet all I learned was that adults are stupid and I still do not understand their reasoning. So how was I to prevent in the future or at least understand to know my responsibility. As l only created more mental issues. And this kind of 'punishment' is actually a reflection of how we deal and live in our own prisons inside of ourselfs called the mind. And how we deal with ourselves inside of ourselves. Keeping everything in and punishing ourselves for the things inside of ourselves as thoughts feelings and emotions. Never rather pushing to expose and talk and gain perspective and understanding and supporting ourselves or others. its a matter of doing onto another as you would like to be done onto. Solitary confinement used as punishment is a reflection of how we are doing onto ourselves. We must change.

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