Dreaming about Snakes – deception within.

I Dreamed about Snakes – deception within.

I had a dream today, it was quite intense, It felt like it was happening for real, when I woke up I actually wondered if some of the stuff happened for real and then I dreamed about it or was it all only in the dream.

Basically I dreamed about a lot of snakes being on the farm.

I was walking towards the shed when I notices snakes everywhere, my first reaction was I have to catch them, they were big and they were many colors, some were red with black spots, some were yellow with black spots and some were green with black spots, this is how I saw them, but when they started coming after they changed, they became one color, they were green when they chased me, and they were Black Mambas.

Now black mambas are extremely dangerous and will most probably kill me in real life if they had to bite me.

So as I saw the snakes I was in fear, How am I going to catch these guys, they are massive and they are actually coming for me, like it was their intention for being on the farm.

I ran to the shed to find something to use to catch them, I could not find anything, I then saw a net, a big one, It had a weird design thought, it was in the shape of an L, the handle was bent, so I could walk with the net in front of me as if covered my width, and a good height.

So I started going after the snakes with this net, There was no choice they were coming for me if I wanted to run or hide it did not matter, so I decide to try and catch them, it was a 50/50 situation, they can at any moment get a bite at me and its over or I can catch one at a time and get rid of them.

I got my first one in the net and I did not know what to do with him, he is big and dangerous, he escaped and went into the shed and to the back of the shed (as we call it the dungeon) it is dark with lots of stuff stored in there, the snake got away in hiding in all the stuff.

I knew there was no way I could get the snake now, because if I have to search in there the snake can just bite my hands as I work there.

So I went back outside to fight/catch the rest of the snakes.

My biggest concern was all the other people and their lives being in danger, as I precieved them all to be unable to handle the snakes.

I then noticed a hole in the ground with a huge red snake with black dots laying in the hole, like it was a nest that has been there for ever, I just never saw it till it broke open.

Then a Girl came out of the house and walk right over this nest, I had a fright and said, HEY WATCH OUT FOR THE SNAKES, the girl did not hear me as I screamed, she kept on walking with a smile and looking at the plants.

I was in high stress mode and not knowing what to do with all the snakes, I then woke up and started looking at the symbolism of the dream and taking it all back to me and what bit showed me about myself.

This will be discussed in the next Part to come, stay tuned.


  1. I can decode that one but I don't wanna spoil the suprise haha!

  2. I usually have spider dreams..heh but they are not chasing me...I observe them.

  3. i have had a few snake dreams, but when i dream of reptilians, it is usually them interacting with my dog. i also have had this "50/50" feeling, in a dream, when i was little. i had a recurring dream in which an "agent" type, suit, dark glasses, european skin, white shirt, etc. and i knew, if he/they caught me they'd kill me. to me in the dream it was that serious.


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