Day 80 – Dreaming about snakes –Symbolism – continued.

 PLEASE take note - this dream has nothing to do with real Black mambas in real life, they are animals and living life. do not judge them as deceitful or judge them at all, consider the practical physical points and stick to that.

I looked at the dream I had and explained in and I am now  going to take all the points within the dream back to myself and to see direct what the dream showed me from my subconscious and unconscious mind.
I fist looked at what is the main topic of the dream, obviously it is about snakes, so what does snakes resemble – I look at how books and people and life treat snakes, they are sneaky, they deceive, they are evil, they are poisonous, they are from the devil. 

So snakes can resemble deception, and when looking at this dream I can see that it fits within the dream and what happened. 

I will quote part from the previous blog and then from there say what I see it shows within myself starting with paragraph one going down.

Quote 1: my first reaction was I have to catch them,

Here I see how I am aware that I have to take self responsibility for what is here as me, as the snakes resemble deception, I have to basically catch my deception and not accept and allow them.

Quote 2: they were big and they were many colors.

Here I see that the deception within me “looks” beautiful, many colors, and colors are always something nice to look at as they were bright colors with Black spots on them, this shows me that even If the deception I have within me looks normal to me, meaning – I do not see it as deception, I see it as daily life I can still see that there is a darkness to them – this being all the black spots on them and this is how I saw them, not how they are in fact.

Quote 3: but when they started coming after they changed, they became one color, they were green when they chased me, and they were Black Mambas.

Here it is clear that once my deception was in my face, showing to me what it is I am doing I can see the true color, as green resembles “possession/demon/monster”  and this was their true colors, yet I looked at them/saw them as bright colors to afraid the danger/harm they actually posses, as this is shows when it becomes more specific in terms of what snake it is – Black Mamba. 

Black Mambas isnt even black, their name in itself is deceitful, the only reason they are called black mambas is because they have a black mouth on the inside – this I can see has to do with my words (the black mouth) as what I speak and say to deceive and create a name for myself, a character in my world, and how the words I speak can turn into poison that will harm me, come back to me if I do not choose my words to be what is best for all life.

Quote 4: So as I saw the snakes I was in fear, How am I going to catch these guys, they are massive and they are actually coming for me, like it was their intention for being on the farm.

This shows me the reason for why I am not taking self responsibility for this point, as I am held back by fear, fear that if I face these snakes/deception within me that it can get the better of me, because they are seemingly big, and it shows that it does not matter if I fear them or not, they are here and they are coming for me, re revenge of the ego – and it was with intention, the deception was with intention so I can see here that it is moments within my life where I deceive with intention and how those moments come back at me with intention – putting me under tension. 

Quote 5: I ran to the shed to find something to use to catch them, I could not find anything, I then saw a net, a big one, It had a weird design thought, it was in the shape of an L, the handle was bent, so I could walk with the net in front of me as if covered my width, and a good height.

Here it shows me that I am still trying to protect myself from facing the consequences of all deception I have created and participated within, as I run to find something out there to protect me, instead of facing me here as Origin head on within self honesty and self forgiveness.

Quote 6: I got my first one in the net and I did not know what to do with him, he is big and dangerous, he escaped and went into the shed

Here it is clearly showing me how I compromise myself, sabotage myself working with the points of deception, as I try to catch the snakes/deception the points I am facing with a net as something separate of me and then trying to get rid of it, instead of realizing that I have created the deceptions and have to face it as myself and to stand as the directive principal as what is best for all life, thus no need to get rid of it, be the creator that directs as that which is best for all life.

Quote 7: he escaped and went into the shed and to the back of the shed (as we call it the dungeon) it is dark with lots of stuff stored in there, the snake got away in hiding in all the stuff.

This part shows me that because I worked, faced the point within separation of me I did not fully take self responsibility and thus the point got away and back into the subconscious mind/unconscious mind and now I have to wait for the point to open up, because if I have to go find the point within my mind I will only place myself in a position that will compromise myself as I can in the event harm myself.

Quote 8: My biggest concern was all the other people and their lives being in danger, as I precieved them all to be unable to handle the snakes.

This point within the dream shows me that I am aware of my deception and thus fear that what I am accepting and allowing can harm others, because I have proven to myself ths far that I cna not even handlld own snakes/deception, I fear others would also not be able to handle it, yet it is only a projection of myself.

Quote 9: I then noticed a hole in the ground with a huge red snake with black dots laying in the hole, like it was a nest that has been there for ever, I just never saw it till it broke open.

Here it is showing me that I have uncovered a part of myself that I have suppressed, it was always here, just hidden in plain sight, and now the deception has been opened up and it is visible, as the bright red color indicates that I can not miss it, it is time to stop, because the hole is open and it is a nest is showing me that there are more, I am only now seeing one point/one snake and thus as the hole is open the snakes will come out, no more hiding it.

Quote 10: Then a Girl came out of the house and walk right over this nest, I had a fright and said, HEY WATCH OUT FOR THE SNAKES, the girl did not hear me as I screamed, she kept on walking with a smile and looking at the plants.

This is very specific, as I desire for others to see my deception for me and to tell me what I have, thus screaming to them watch out, to get their attention to give me attention, yet no one is hearing, showing me that it is ME who has to take self responsibility, as the girl was smiling and looking at flowers while danger was lurking right underneath her feet, showed me that it has nothing to do with others as it is only me, my self responsibility and I can not expect others to watch out for me when I am aware of my own deception that I must take self responsibility for and live what is best for all life in all ways.
To be continued with Self forgiveness and commitments.

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