Day 413 – Word Belief Part 1

Here is a dictionary definition of the word Belief.

1. An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
2. Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.

WOW – a massive world, I have lived this word in all parts of my life, I have integrated this word as myself within my beingness as who I am. 

Belief – I belief, I belief it must be so, others belief this of me so it must be so, I must just belief, belief in myself, belief will help me, I belief there is a God, I belief there is not god, I belief I am stupid, I belief I am weak, I belief I am special, I belief I am strong, I belief I can do great things, I belief I will never make it, I belief this world is fucked, I belief in the human race, I belief animals are equal to humans, I belief females are scary, I belief that I am a screw up, I belief my life is going nowhere, I belief something will save me, I belief earth will make it, I belief that if I gym a lot I will become big and strong, I belief it matters what others think of me, I belief I am defined by my experiences, I belief I can’t do anything to change this world, I belief I am sexy, I belief I am ugly, I belief others judge me as I judge myself, I belief my mind, I belief my thoughts, I belief my opinions, I belief I cannot gain weight, I belief what the TV says, I belief authorities without question, I belief I am inferior to life, I belief I am weak minded, I belief I will never change, I belief big foot exists, I belief I can be more then what I am now, I belief in aliens, I belief special abilities are possible, I belief I must fear other humans, I belief there are other alien planets to inhabit, I belief others are better than me, I belief I do not belong here, I belief humans don’t deserve to exist, I belief that I need pictures in my head to live, I belief I need an imagination to live, I belief I am nothing without the mind, I belief the mind to be real, I belief I have nice toes, I belief I am blessed with my physical appearance in comparison to others, I belief physical appearance determine who I am, I belief how I look is important, I belief who I am depends on what other think of me as a image, I belief advertisements, I belief the schooling educational system, I belief the System we all live in, I belief in money and thus money has power, I belief, I belief, I belief. 

SOOO many belief, and many many more within me, I can write all my beliefs down here and the space on my PC might not be enough lol.

So what are they all good for but occupying the mind the whole time, constricting and limiting self into belief systems, because obviously from the system definition of the word belief we can see within common sense that Belief isn’t real, it’s made up, it’s all opinions and acceptance, Not facts, it’s like all these Beliefs taking all this space within self and dictation/directing our every moment in life.

Within the next blogs to come I will be doing my self-forgiveness and my self-commitment statements on the word belief, to see how I will bring this word to a practical word within alignment within and as the physical as a word that is best for all. 

It is clear the as the word belief currently exists it is really just abusive and self inflicting abuse and limitations and so within this world. 

To be Continued.

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