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Day 235 – Childhood Memory and Emotional Body Part 3.6

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Day 231 - emotional Body and childhood memory Part 3.1

Day 232 – Part 3.2 of Emotional Body and Childhood Memory.

Day 233 – Childhood memory and Emotional Body Part 3.3

Day 234 - Childhood memory and emotional body part 3.4

I am continuing from this sentence from the previous blog
“So as time moves on and these situation happen over and over again and I keep on accepting and allowing these thoughts/feelings/emotions to exist and come up within me they start to compound more and more and create layers after layers within my physical body, as the information is stored within the body.

This eventually created my body as one big compounded emotional body.,”
So seeing this point I can see for instance when I do something that will trigger that memory/experience that ALL the layers suddenly hit me, like a wave of emotions.

Looking at the word emotion I see that there is a “E” and what do we all know is known as “E”, it is a reference to XTC – and ETC is a energetic experience, and within this we have the word motion, so it is a motion of experiences that come over self.

And now after years of participating within this same experience as the emotions/thoughts/feelings it makes the motion of the energetic experience BIGGER, and within this when I for instance do pushups and meet my limits and want to do more but cant – then these emotions comes over me and I experience a emotional breakdown within my body, where I will fall down to the ground and my arms just cannot push up anymore –this shows how I have given power to the thoughts/emotions/feelings over my body that it can actually take me down, YET it isn’t even real.

It is like giving the body a electrical shock that I created myself, and then I blame my body for being weak, when in the meanwhile it wasn’t the body at all, it was the mind that forced the beliefs/ideas/opinions as thoughts/feelings/emotions onto the body.

I can see within writing this out how thoughts/feelings/emotions is only limitation, as I see that any thoughts/feeling/emotion that I have compromises the body within its actual functionality, it reduces the body to being less.

Secondly what i see within writing this out is that there are consequences that no one is aware of that can manifest from participating within thoughts/feelings/emotions, because as I can see that I have always only accepted and allowed the emotional turmoil’s within me, and then years later I end up with a emotional problem and heavy self judgments that leads to be abusing my body and so many other things, and then my actions that is only mine but yet part of the whole effects the whole, and then there are millions of me’s doing the same thing every day without understanding anything about thoughts/feelings/emotions, let alone where they come from, how they created it, why the created it and how to stop them.

To be continued on self corrective statements.

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