Day 114 – I can’t Do Better Character – Self Corrective Statements

I commit myself to when and as I see myself accepting and allowing myself to go into the belief that I can not do better, to stop and to breathe and to see within self honesty and common sense that it is only a belief that I have created and played out in my life as real, and to within this push myself to do better than what I have accepted and allowed myself to do within applying myself in daily tasks as to get things quickly done even if it is sabotaging me and compromising my environment and others and to stop the abuse and push myself to expand and grow and to be here within and as the physical within all physical consideration of how I can actually do/apply what I am doing with what is here to the best as the best as that which I would like for myself in all ways and all others.

I commit myself to when and as I see that I am going into Excuses/reasons/justification of why I can not do better to to stop, to be self honest with myself that I KNOW that I could have done better or do better because I know I am only within the justifications/excuses/reasons defending a character and self created beliefs to defend the characteristics of “I do not want to do more than I have to, I want to get is done with quickly, I have more important things to do somewhere else etc” and to stop these characteristics within actually living the application of doing better, being patient and genuine within my application of myself and to stop the self imposing limitations.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself defending  the character of “I can not do better” to look within myself at all the judgements/beliefs/opinions/ideas I have about myself that I have created about myself that I use to limit myself as the character.To realize that it is only Beliefs/judgments/ideas/opinions based on past memories/experiences that I have/am holding onto as an energetic experience either emotional/negative or feeling/positive and to see and realize that within and as the actuality of the physical here and not as the experiences as thoughts/feelings/emotions that I can in the moment change the past to be here as me breathing and applying myself to re-create myself and not be a slave to the mind to the past as thoughts/feelings/emotions that I belief must be real and that it must determine what I can and can not do, while in fact it is the physical that shows what is possible and what is not and the mind can only have beliefs/judgments/opinions/ideas about it while the physical is showing what it is in fact.

I commit myself to when and as I see myself limiting myself within the character of “I can not do Better” to actually for real test myself and this character in and as the physical to see if it is true or not, so when I have to build a Desk I will test myself and this character and I will do better, my best that I can and then see if the character is valid or not, and I can see within common sense and self honesty that this character is already not real and only a limitation and a creation of the past of the mind as memories/experiences as enslavement, enslaving me to the past as engraved characters that I belief is real and has meaning, yet only I can in each moment decide if I give them meaning and power to enslave me, or I can breathe and be here in and as the physical in consideration of all that is here to do what is best for all life and myself.

I commit myself to show that “I can not do better” characters are a creation of a system that is based on self interest such as capitalism where children are creations of consumerism where products are not made to last a life time and where everything is designed on profit and not real actual value of LIFE where thing are made to last and withstand lifetimes, and thus as the children grows up in such environments that can but only be products of such environments where they will not give their best and only do things that last a while till it breaks and thus capitalism is creating children that will never be able to do their best as LIFE as the physical as that which is real but only be able to live as creations that exist for a short while so the next thing can be made to make profit.

I commit myself to show that the “I can’t do better” character is a character that supports Capitalism and that Capitalist want people that can’t do better so that people/children can rely on the services of Capitalism to make profit and and thus the human will and can never truly evolve to the best life there is till Capitalism ends and a new world that Is best for all LIFE can come forth with the Equal Money System where as a Life that is BEST for all life can only create and educate and manifest children and thus adults that is the BEST in all ways.

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