Day 480 - from Relationship to Agreement Part 1

It is about time I share this part of my process, the part where I share about my Agreement. I haven’t really shared much about myself in relation to my Agreement and my partner and what I have faced within the agreement, in detail and with context.

After seven years of walking an Agreement /relationship (it isn’t a relationship, but I am saying to give reference for those not familiar with what this definition of Agreement means) I can for myself and for many others out there suggest, an agreement is the way forward, not relationships as we know It now.

If you want success and If you want to live in a house where there is stability and where the house isn’t divided between itself, then this is the way. I will within the following blogs which will follow in parts, share with the reader a long journey that is still being walked today.

To share this journey and the evidence of what works, I first need to share some of the past, not to compare the two, but to see the change that has happened, and how important it is to change the way we perceive many aspects of current relationships just so that we can see why they have not been successful and why the world is the way it is.

Remember, all relationships in the world affect the world, unhappy families, happy families, stable families, deceiving families, pretending families, I mean we have them all, and they make up the earth, Millions of them.

This is why what I am about to write about is so important and to be read and taken in with NO mind, I don’t want to hear about have an open mind, the mind is the first problem, it is the only problem we have, the mind is us, it is our tool, yet we have made it our master, then the first problem is us actually, the mind is but our creation and we love its energy/addictions, I will come to this later.

What I am about to write isn’t new, it isn’t news, it isn’t uncommon, it isn’t the best material out there, it is literally what everyone knows, just no one wants to admit it, and even if people admit it, they either enjoy it or they deny it., like if people admit it they will go ahead and play the game as players, if they deny it they will play the game as the majority of the population.

Our lives revolve around Money and Sex, simple as that – we are all born into a world where we need money unfortunately, and we live in a world where sex is unfortunately abused to extreme levels, so none of our first impressions on earth are healthy, I mean the reason for me being here isn’t because it was planned, I am here because of someone’s else’s desire for sex, and because there was money to raise me, I am here today typing this blog.

Men are driven by sex, women tend to be driven my seeking acceptance/validation and thus getting that through sex, not all are driven by the same points, that’s why it seems so different, but it all had the same one point in common.

Sex and money aren’t bad, neither are they good, it is what we make of literally, yet this isn’t truly understood, in fact I didn’t understand this at all, I have always been inspired by random events to decide my live, I have in the past relied on random events to decide for me what I must accept and allow in my life as relationships.

Take this for example: I am/was a 16 year old boy going to school every day like the rest, I do not yet have any care in the world for money as my parents are taking care of that, so once one of the equations of life as Sex and Money is removed – then obviously only the other is left, in this case it is sex. So as a sixteen year old I am obsessed with sex, just like every other person in school, we are all basically sex bombs waiting to explode.

But society does not allow it as we are all under age and not responsible yet, but we have been ready for years before the age of sixteen, so some are holding it till they are eighteen and some are holding it in till they are married, most are doing it way before the “appropriate” time, and this isn’t uncommon between humanity, we are all aware of it because we did it, we were there, we saw it and did it.

Now with a bunch of horny kids walking around ins school keeping it cool and burning inside, we keep everything to ourselves, because how we experience ourselves inside ourselves wanting/desiring sex seems like it is only us, everyone else are quite and focusing on school stuff, not saying anything, except boys, we boys like to “joke” and hint a lot, it is what we do as boys/men (programming).

Now, how at this age, between thirteen and eighteen can a kid in school get sex? Well there are MANY opportunities, just play the game called relationships, not relationships as in two people being together, that’s one dimensions, I mean relationships as in the people you know, or simply the people that are around you, get to know them, get to talk and get to become friends or connected in some way, this then forms a “bond” – this bond can remain as friends, it can go into friends with benefits, it can go into one night stands, and it can go into a relationship, but it’s always the people from your home place.

And we all know we do all these things and efforts with the intention for sex, no secret about it, yet we pretend about it, we are just friends, we are just connecting as human beings, we are just connecting because we enjoy people, but unfortunately, we have just one thing at this age and stage of our lives on our minds, which is sex and we are now also realizing that only within relationships can we get the best sex, because then you have another person that is there all the time, no more effort needed, and sex is available. Otherwise you got to go out and play the other games.

So now we start deceiving ourselves to make the game more real, to make the pretending look like it is real, we don’t want the other person to know that we only want sex, because what will that tell them about me, or tell me about them? It will mean we are then self-interest fuckers only after our own desires and interest and don’t actually care.

So we put on many different characters to hide the sex desire, we hide the lust, we hide the urge that has been kept in for so many years, which isn’t real, it is actually just the mind, and as we know our minds can change any time so nothing makes it real, yet our lives, society and everything around us is making money off selling sex, so we are bombarded by it, we are talking about it, we are thinking about it we are talking to ourselves about it, we are fantasizing about it, we are watching porn, we are making porn, we just have sex around us all day all the time, and we can only get the real thing and find out how it is for real if we can get another person to agree to having sex with us, so how do we do this?

We get a relationship, once again, not talking here about the just two people together kind of relationship, all kinds of weird relationships existing, and we now want to achieve with these relationships, one simple thing, to get another person to agree to have sex with us..

This is where I am now going to start explaining my character that I had and how I took on this point within the types of relationships I built and created for the one purpose.
To be continued.

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