Day 96 – Moving myself Moving the world. Part 2

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when and as I start applying myself within moving myself moving the world as me one and equal such as picking up a book to read about economy, to have the though of seeing myself in the past starting to read a book and never finishing it or even getting to ten pages of the book and to then already have created a negative emotional experience towards reading a book, to then go into back chat in a reaction towards the thought of “ this book is thick, it has over 300 pages” – “I will only finish this book in a year”, “what is the use of doing this when I have to read so much to get informed to only be able to change the world after all the reading/studying is done in years... and to then connect reading a book with a negative energetic emotion in the present moment from my past experience and thus creating resistance to reading the book and thus reading the book with all of this back chat and resistance that will take me even longer and slower to read the book, I realize and understand how i Create the energetic emotional experience for myself through participating in the thought that comes up from memory as past experiences and to then have back chat about it and thus creating the consequences and so compromising myself, instead of breathing and remaining here in and as breathe stopping all thoughts/feeling/emotions and back  chat and have no connection to reading a book but simply reading it with breathe and no limitations or judgments, and thus giving to myself the complete and total freedom to learn and even enjoy myself while reading and learning. 
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when and as I start my day within moving myself within and as the physical reality within doing tasks and my responsibilities, to have the thoughts of rather doing something else that might have a more of an impact on the world in terms of changing the world, - and the then have the back chat of “here I go again, the same old stuff as yesterday, when will things move and change already” – and so create an energetic experience of feeling like nothing is moving, nothing is changing and to then go into a resistance of going about my day and feeling tired all day, as I created the experience through comparing my day today with yesterday as being the same, realizing that as long as I follow this pattern of thoughts and back chat everyday, I am creating everyday the same as yesterday and thus I am looping myself within that judgment and mind set, instead of seeing and realizing and understanding that everyday is new and I am doing new things every day just with consistency and discipline and thus I am moving myself and moving the world as myself through every step I take and every mouse click I make and every blog I write and every DIP lesson I do and every person I communicate with and that I am in fact doing the same thing everyday but with new things over and over again, and thus I am accumulating and changing the course of history with all those that is doing this with/as me. 

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see and realize that everyday can only be the same as long as I judge it as that and thus I trap myself within everyday as my own judgment and to not see what the change is and that I am moving, and to take the simple movements for granted within the belief that it has no effect on world changing, not realizing and seeing that everyday is a new day with new things coming in and going out and thus everyday the clicks is getting more, the vlogs is getting more, the blogs is getting more, the message of world change with the Equal Money System and Desteni is moving wider and wider and deeper and deeper as we spread the message and the solutions and the common sense everyday with new yet the same information more and more and that this way the world can/will change for that which is best for all LIFE.

To be Continued.

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