Breaking Inner and OuterBoundaries - Day 658

The word for the day for me is BOUNDARIES

My horror scope is Aries and in the word boundARIES there is this Aries, typically a symbol of a RAM, and its ruling planet is MARS, it is the element of FIRE.

BOUNd is a leaping movement towards or over something.

Now boundaries is lines marking the limits of an area, a dividing line.

So, here we have this word with two words in it, the two words within it is that of BREAKING the word they together form/make. A RAM will break boundaries and ram into it, push it, get itself on the other side, and it will do so with the movement of bound, leaping towards it or over it.
What I am doing here with this word is - I am looking at what it is opening up for me at the moment while exploring it real time here. like reading Osho cards.

What comes up within me, I see that I have the COURAGE to when I see boundaries within me that I have created towards other people, how to interact with them, and when and howto BOUND over that line, take that step to go talk to them, interact, open up what I define as "intimate" moments, YET I disregard the courage, I rather take the RAM inside of me that can easily BOUND to something new and maintain the boundaries.

I do this, as I see within me that I have a "missing piece" so to say. I do not KNOW how to be, who to be, what to say when real things open up, emotional things, I fear the worst will and can happen such as someone breaking down, and I am then to blame for breaking the boundaries and so opening the flood gates, and this leads to me instead remaining lame, not moving.

I then have this Energy (Inner G) that builds up of accumulated rage, as the couRAGE to break boundaries is denied, that then needs direction, and this is where I then become the RAm breaking the wrong boundaries so to say, boundaries that are unnecessary to break and that leads to consequences.

This is where the RAM as a MAR(S) planet comes out (mars resembles WAR) and I declare war onto myself, as I am now fighting with myself, to break the boundaries that matter that requires actual courage, versus the easy boundaries that I break out of rage that only causes self-harm and more diminishment of myself.

The reason being, I know that the boundaries I need to break with people will actually matter, not just for the sake of moving forward, but to actually support and assist each other as equals, and not just on face value. This is what matters, realness within self-honesty.

So now, I must whenever I see a point within me, where there is a window, a moment to BOUND myself forward as the RAM of Aries to LEAP over the resistance and to go into the "unknown to learn intimacy, softness, to get rid of the programmed war machine within myself, and so others.

Thus I must break the word boundaries first as in it isn't real, to then unleash the potential words to live as BOUND and the ANIMAL ram, to ram forward into actual growth and potential.

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