Day 640 - When all conspiracies lead to an inconvenient TRUTH

Today I am going to take on a topic I have been avoiding for a while, I have been avoiding talking about “conspiracies” because I have judged myself for not being capable or able to place information in a sequence that brings about a holistic view of what I am seeing and want to say, to not hurt anyone or to offend anyone.

Observation: Most people that are into conspiracies are highly intellectual people, is this specific? lol 

One of the reasons I didn’t want to just make a video on any conspiracy and giving my point of view on the conspiracy is because I have not been able to conduct my own real-time research into the conspiracyies I have only been able to go with what has been provided as knowledge and information on the internet. This is from people’s personal research, articles, videos and so much more.
The thing is, which conspiracy do I focus on? If I were to give my opinion/point of view, because there are literally dozens and I see it this way, for one conspiracy to make sense, all of them has to be able to come together in the end to create a holistic view and thus a certain truth.

So I have probably spent about 300 or more hours of my life in the past three years watching a ton of videos and reading dozens of articles on many conspiracies. I never cared about investigating any conspiracies in the past as I have already seen years ago that focusing on myself is more important, and changing myself and to become my utmost potential, and so my focus has been for years on writing, applying self-forgiveness and developing myself, eventually rebirthing myself as life as the physical.

In the many years of walking my own process of change I have come to realize the importance, in fact, the MOST important thing is to focus on self and that is the most powerful thing there is, here I am not saying focussing on self as being selfish or/and self-interested, I am saying focussing on self in the sense of birthing self as life, to become a human that moves and breathes that which is best for all life, to live in such a way that my effect of change is literally in me moving my fingers, my every breath to be that which is best, that it is within consideration of all that is here. To be able to always in any given moment take self-responsibility for any thought, feeling or emotion that comes up, to investigate myself and understand myself, to empower myself where I actually can, in fact, empower myself, and so as I am empowered and thus I become an empowerment for others simply through who I am as my expression.

I started this journey ten years ago. Over time I had this idea that most people should be turning to self more within this world, to the process of ending brainwashing, conditioning and mind control of self through walking an actual process of doing this, which is what is available at – I kept my eyes on what is happening within my own social groups, where people are moving and turning to, I have in the past 5 years noticed that instead of an internal movement taking place things have been moving more outwards, more into the environments of conspiracies or other forms of distractions as if there is no time to move inwards – here I would like to say even though I use the word conspiracies, I do not see it as conspiracies such as how the system has labelled it, I see it as actual scientific work/movements of investigating all things and hopefully keeping what is GOOD (best for all).
The term conspiracy has been used to place a “negative” energy into the word as to ridicule and humiliate those that are partaking in anything that is considered a conspiracy as to invalidate what they are saying through just using that word conspiracy. The same way communism was demonized by that word and what was placed on it. Same way Hippies are seen as just stupid dumb people knowing nothing of life, all programmed just through the word hippy.

Now, moving forward with this post I am going to make GREAT points that comes from my own personal investigation and what I have come to through my journey within all of this, as a conclusion as a real possible solution for all conspiracies, I will also mention what the benefits are of conspiracies and yet where they become more of a distraction than a benefit. I will also share how all conspiracies lead to a single truth that we all must always take from any conspiracy.

I have watched and read many articles on all the following conspiracies.

·       -  Flat Earth
·        - Halo earth and what is inside
·         - Flat earth with a dome and small moon and sun, even two suns
·         - Flat earth with extra continents hidden from us beyond the Antarctica, where the Antarctic is a ring around the planet, not in the south pole as one continent
·         - Antarctica and what’s really going on there on a spherical planet, pyramids, ancient civilization or aliens still living there.
·        - South Pole, halo earth again
·         - Polar shifts that naturally occur every 20000 years for causes of earth’s problems with weather, the government not informing us of this occurrence.
·         - Global warming and sustainability hoaxes
·         - Planet Nibiru or planet X coming to earth and the government is hiding it from us as the real cause of global warming
·         - The moon is fake
         - The moon landing was faked, either all of it, or we did go and is hiding something found there.
·        -  Man never even went to space or the moon as we can’t leave our atmosphere, satellites are not even out of the earth, because of the radiation around the planet.
·         - Giants still exist and the government is hiding it
·         - Rocks and mountains are ancient Giants that were up to 3000 kilometers tall, their faces and body parts can be seen everywhere and scientifically been proven as being human remains petrified.
·        -  The true age and history of ancient civilizations such as the pyramids and their origin and purpose.
·         - Aliens/UFO’s and abductions and still flying around the earth, with the government secretly working with them.
·         - Area 51 and Roswell alien interviews.
·         - Illuminati and the elite and their controls to the means of control.
·         - Some mountains around the world were Giant 6km tall trees, even bigger, and scientifically proven to have been trees in the past but has been petrified. All cut down now.
·         - Underground bases build for elite when the earth is flooded with melting ice/water to escape into.
·         - Reptilians/Anunnaki as man’s creators, hidden history, advanced ancient civilizations existed with high tech better than ours today.
·         - Chemtrails, what are they for, to poison us and to drug us, or to hide something in the sky?

This list can go on, I might not think of it all right now, but on the topics above and more, I have done investigations, research on each and every one of them intensely.

But as I said, I personally did not go out and did/do the physical work and checking it out, I suppose me going to the Antarctic will be impossible, in my lifetime, due to me as a normal citizen not being able to go NOT to mention the heaps of financial support ONE such a trip would cost. Or going to the South Pole and checking out if there is a hole, or visiting Area 51 and taking a walkabout there, or me visiting pyramids and ancient structures to actually see it and do some tests (if these methods of testing is even reliable) and see for myself, I mean it is impossible for me as one person with a limited life time and budget on this planet to check out everything and to focus on each and every point, so the best that I have is through other people who are doing the individual research to the best of their limited abilities within this world. This is also where it becomes something different.

What we look for we will find, not because it is there, but because our minds eye is fixed on what it is looking for, therefore how we look for something will always be in the finding of it, in our actions, our angles, our attitude, our videos, pictures and just everything will be to prove it and make it seem as such. This is simply how it works, we will find it if we are looking for it, we will even in our looking create it, manifest the proof through our very actions that are aligned with our intention and biases.
This is when I watch videos and read articles, I know that the research and investigations were done TO find what they were looking for, and not to NOT find what they were looking for. So through every single “conspiracy”, I have found exactly what the conspiracy is looking at, I have been convinced by each and every conspiracy. So, I took myself out of the conspiracies and I looked at all of them in one big picture, knowing that each and every conspiracy has convinced me, BUT it is no different than how the people that the conspiracy is conspiring against has convinced me of their “truths” – when I say no different I mean, to me it is still just knowledge and information.  

The benefits of conspiracies: 

It breaks the previous brainwashing of the person from what they have been conditioned to and enslaved to without questioningtheir previous believes, and to open their reality to everything that is here and the possibilities of reality. Which hopefully will lead to them realizing that they are programmable and brainwashable and that they are able to be mind controlledand brainwashed <-- that should be the MAIN realization for each person, you havent been lied to, you have been brainwashed and mind-controlled.

The negative side of conspiracies:

It creates a new narrative of knowledge and information that renders a person useless with no ability to do anything about the current situation but to lose themselves on the opposite side of a situation and simply brainwash and mind control THEMSELVES through the new information presented and become obsessed or disoriented with the new information, which lead to no point of actually realizing the implications of what all of it means in relation to themselves as a being, where the conspiracy becomes the focus point, and not themselves through the realization that – HOLY SHIT – I was brainwashed and mind-controlled without ever noticing or caring, because look these conspiracies just changed my reality forever, so let me focus on who am I, developing myself, because I have never done that, this places everything of ME that I define as ME into question and who I am as a being (like wht else of ME and who I believe I am is a LIE/beLIESves, so I better start focussing on me and my process. But what tends to happen is the person brainwashes and controls themselves with the conspiracy theory to occupy their time and thus become a programmed robot for the conspiracy, no different than what the person was before, only now they are on the side of presented truth apparently (a parents lie), not actual yet.

So the single TRUTH that all conspiracies lead to is that we are all programmes, brainwashed and mind controlled. Conspiracies are doing a GREAT job at showing this, within the fact that you can go from not questioning anything to suddenly having a bubble burst and a new world/reality opening up, which shows one thing, there was a bubble, who placed it there? how and why? how do I stop this, how do I become the director of myself, how to I take authority back as myself as who I am and to thus not be controlled again, to not be brainwashed again, to not fall for a narrative but rather be the narrative of myself as life in this life or the next (death) as LIFE.

Useing conspiracies for the benifit of my personal Process of self-realization and transcendence (Desteni process at

I started watching as many conspiracies as possible, not to go into them or to follow them or to make them my life purpose to prove or disprove if it is real or not, I watched them from the starting point of my process, I use, and used conspiracies to fast forward and to support and assist me in breaking my brainwashing and to pop as many bubbles as possible, to break facts into fiction, to break believes into opinions, and to from there deprogram myself from childhood brainwashing and thus adult mind controls. I within this applied my breathing and writing of self-forgiveness within my process of Desteni, using all my tools.

I now see the moon and sun different, I see mountains different, I see the sky above me different, I see everything around me different from what I was forced to learn as a child, but be careful here, I do not now see mountains as dead Giant or cut down trees, that again is looking through a veil/brainwashing and thus another problem created, a contamination, I simply have started seeing everything more for what it is HERE ( a clean slate) currently as an expression and me within it, I do not read into it, I do not look at a mountain and think about volcanoes and lava and the earth that moved and crushed, I do not think, wow that mountain looks like a tree or a dead Giant from long ago, I see the mountain and stop thinking, I do not know anything about you/mountain and still have everything to learn. Unless I can start communicating with the mountain itself, which is possible, I do not know anything, as nothing in this world can be trusted, NOTHING of the current system or human gadgets saying what things are. If you create a device to find silicone in something, you will find silicone somewhere.

I am realizing more and more how important it is to be Silent and know that I am god, that I am here, that I am within this word but not of this world, the world here referring to what humans have set up and created, I am of the earth, the universe, life. Darkness is all I can trust and me directing and moving myself in each moment and breath of every day is what I can trust, when a thought, feeling or emotion arises, I cannot trust that, where does it come from? I mean, I am now more than ever aware of how brainwashable I am, how easily I can be mind-controlled and be placed into something by following a simple feeling, emotion or thought, experience – and this is what the elite wants (yes the elite, the SYSTEM), for us to NOT be silent and know that we are god, as long as we are not focussing on ourselves we can be directed in any and all directions and they do not care if that is towards the truth or lies, they want us distracted, that’s all.

Imagine, that is all they need, they do not even need us to NOT find out the truth, that’s irrelevant, they will keep us distracted even with the truth in our hands, they win, because that truth is still outside of ourselves, so they have all the power to control what is within us, because we are abdicating ourselves, we are giving ourselves away and giving permission for them to be our gods, because we aren’t taking that throne within us, we are stuck on the outside in their playground.

Required input for self-honesty introspection.

Do not think that for a moment, revealing some truth about the world, about anything that is currently labelled as a conspiracy will EVER wake up humankind, if World War 1 and World War Two could not wake up humankind. WW1 and WW2 has shown to what extent the human race has been brainwashed, and this brainwashing and conditioning LIES within each and every person, and even if the WORLD changes as those two wars did, it changed the world, nothing of man changed. Suddenly revealing or finding out the world is flat, or Giants exist, or Aliens exist, or that the government has been doing things or hiding things, those aren’t comparable to WW1 and WW2, so how will they have any different effect, not even famine, or starvation or death, torture or violence to a very high degree changed the human species. Not even if it is revealed that there is an entire planet inside of our globe with an advanced giant race living there, we will not change, we will continue as we are, as it has been proven throughout thousands of know and recorded history - Even if there was ancient civilizations of humans on this earth with greater technology and spirituals means, where are they? they ended, they did not make it.

The journey for real and actual change is within each and every person’s ability and responsibility and that’s all where it is and ever will be. So use conspiracies to lead people to personal transcendence as their action for correction, give them a path and tools to use, and here I suggest strongly to visit

Take another look at common sense, only when we internally change as a specie, as humankind (OUR brainwashed NATURE), can we truly change the FACE of the planet to be that of heaven on earth no matter the shape, we can daily already in our small steps of change have a define impact in the physical, in our words as self-honesty and self-responsibility, we can change and become walking examples among our fellow people. This is real effects, real change which those who seek to control cannot handle or know how to direct, as the mind stops, the mIND is the tool that the elite is dependent on and us being within it to use it to mind-control and to brainwashus, so it ends in each person through ending it within themselves first and standing in silence and knowing who they are as life, as oneness and equality.

Only once we as a human species has changed the face of the earth through who we are as beings and changing the economics, the politics, the structural way of how things move and are directed, till not one person on this planet round or flat isn’t starving and being abused, only then shall we through our living be granted the RIGHT and way to then start with REAL research, real investigations into matters that we so desperately want answers to, and then we will have the luxury of doing all of that in truth and total transparency and no budget limits for all. But that isnt here yet, and so it is used against us as allways. 

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